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3 Things to Know About Rental Condition Reports

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 26 July 2016 20:06
condition reports and walkthrough inspections condition reports and walkthrough inspections

A walkthrough inspection can be done when a tenant moves in or out as part of your rental process. When you complete a walkthrough with your renters, it's a good idea to document your findings with a condition report. The condition report is the checklist that landlords and renters complete during move-in and move-out. It's a rental document that both landlords and tenants can fill out, sign, and keep for their records.

1. They can reduce conflicts between landlords and tenants

Ever had a situation like this? It can be a real headache if there's no way to prove the condition of property. Doing a walkthrough with your tenant prior to them moving in can help prevent situations where it's your word against theirs.  

When renters move out, it's also a good idea to complete a report to note any changes. There may be times when you'll need to withhold a portion of the security deposit due to damages sustained during the occupancy, and a condition report can help document the need to do so. 

2. Your state may have specific requirements

Do your research to see if your state has requirements on how much notice must be given prior to the walk-through, how it can be used in regards to your deposit, etc. Knowing your state and local laws will allow you to follow the process as accurately as possible. If you have questions about using a condition report or making any changes to the lease regarding it, then have a real estate attorney look over your documents.

3. Condition reports are easy... no, really

It's not as intimidating as it sounds — a condition report can be as simple as a checklist that you and your tenants complete together. Plus, if you choose an online version, you can even upload photos and easily email a copy to your tenant. Websites like MoveIn.Space allow landlords and tenants to easily document the property's condition online.

Keep the landlord-tenant relationship running smoothly by preventing misunderstandings whenever possible. One of the more common issues facing property owners relates to disagreements when it comes to the appearance and functionality of the unit, so prepare yourself with a solid walkthrough process.

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