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Does Adding a Pool Increase Your Home's Property Value?

Written by Posted On Monday, 01 August 2016 20:39

When investing in home improvements, it’s natural to wonder how key changes will impact the resale value of your property. Many people assume that a pool will add to the value because it’s so useful and enjoyable, but others argue that buyers don’t want the potential liability. When it comes to pools and true property value, the actual answer is far more complicated.

Consider the Neighbors

When pricing homes, it’s all about the comparables. If you’re in a high-end development where most people have an attractive, in-ground pool, then the lack of one can make your house difficult to sell. Before subscribing to the belief that buyers don’t want the hassle and liability, take a look at the houses that have sold recently to discover how buyers in your market view pools.

Expect an Average of Six Percent Rise in Value

Research by the National Association of Realtors finds that the average property value increase is about eight percent, and you can also expect a house with a pool to sell faster, especially if you live in certain areas. However, most experts agree that the increase in value will not necessarily pay for the pool when it’s time to sell. Keep in mind the costs to install and maintain your pool when calculating a potential return on investment.

Go In-Ground, and Invest Money in the Features You’ll See

If you’re looking at resale value, then you’ll want to go with an in-ground pool. They’re more visually appealing than any above ground option, and they can be customized to suit the size and shape of your backyard. A unique shape can stand out and be more appealing to future buyers, and features like waterfalls, custom pools and spas are also smart additions if you’re in a high-end neighborhood. A professional designer can ensure that your pool feels like an integral addition to the yard and adds visual appeal to the entire space.

Consider the Overall Space

One thing you want to avoid is turning your entire backyard into a massive pool deck. Most people who are considering a single-family home want a yard where the kids can play or their dogs can roam. In order to preserve and improve the property value, ensure that your new backyard will still have plenty of green grassy areas around the pool deck. Ideally, you should still have some open space for a swing set and possibly a garden.

Fiberglass and Gunite are Top Choices

When it comes to home values, swimming pool construction plays a vital role. Pools with vinyl liners have a higher maintenance cost because the liner will eventually need to be replaced. However, fiberglass and gunite pools last longer and are more appealing to potential buyers. Keep this in mind when looking at different options.

New, Attractive Pools are in Demand

Additionally, most buyers will avoid pools that are outdated or in poor condition. However, you may not have to rip out the pool and start all over again to protect your home’s value. In some cases, it may be possible to revamp an existing pool so that it’s maintained, current, and attractive.

If you’re focusing on renovations that will pay for themselves down the road, then the pool may not be the right choice for you. However, if you want a feature that can be enjoyed by the kids while adding value to your property, then an in-ground pool is a top choice. Look for a custom builder who can help you fit the pool neatly into your yard while maintaining some open space, and consider some great custom features like a connected hot tub. In the end, you can make your property more enjoyable and ensure a faster sale when the time comes.

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