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Things about Home Windows You Might not know

Written by Posted On Friday, 05 August 2016 06:22

Windowless buildings or spaces are unheard of. Yet while they are found almost everywhere providentially and commercially, what are some of the unobvious considerations that don’t necessarily meet at “eye value” but whose subtle impact remains invisibly apparent?

Ever note that thieves either being successful or unsuccessful in barrier to entry starts at window mechanism level? Or what about how sound your sleep is, or can be, that is directly linked to noise levels resulting from window selection? Indeed these are merely some of the unapparent significances that your window decision making implores.

While not all homes have the privilege of engaging architectural expertise, we are compelled to rely on our own dual diligence when repairing, replacing or minimally maintaining windows and their frames. On the flipside of not paying too much attention to what may be considered unimportant in the hierarchy of residential or commercial “window needs”, the neglect or ignorance of your window status could see unforeseen circumstances like burglary or restless sleep patterns.

What about pest intrusion or dust and pollen entry through poorly insulated windows that could result in domestic hygiene and health challenges? One never seems to look beyond what meets the eye when considering their windows and it’s presumed that these basic examples incite a new perspective when considering your business or home window consumer choices. If anything, you are in a position to make informed purchases or question your architect in this regard.

Alternative variations to actual glass have also see benefits ordinarily not considered such as a polycarbonate substitute. This is not only a cheaper alternative, but a stronger option regardless of being physically lighter. Polycarbonate is known to be a better insulator, a noise barrier and more pliable solution which when infused with colour, delights and influences the spaces it’s applied in. While it can be said that there are some disadvantages like a shorter lifespan to that of a glass option, 10 years is still a worthwhile “investment”. Polycarbonate applications that forms as a substitute for glass can be seen in green house usage, kitchen décor alternatives, contemporary and chic living spaces as well as indiffused daylighting solutions.

Glass windows reigning unparalleled to any other alternatives can infact be modified to support locations as seen in hurricane dominant areas where shatterproof window coatings support structural presence when nature impacts adversely. Window coatings are also seen to protect UV ray intrusion and direct heating/cooling seep that proportionally impacts energy bills. These are a few basic though worthwhile considering examples to reiterate the significance of window “education” or the warrant of seeking it.

Commercial driven entities may not always advise of alternatives when choosing windows especially when their profit margin can be compromised. It is however an individual’s responsibility to conduct the necessary research and to consult various professional expertise on window solutions which tick various obvious and hidden deliverables - prior to installation.

Window choices can essentially also determine major events like a burglary and poor health that while may not be the nicest or most apparent thoughts to hold onto when making a basic window choice, regardless needs to be part of the equation.

About the author
This guest post was provided by, a window repair company based in Chicago. This is a BBB A+ company; visit their website for more details about their services, rates and guarantees.

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