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5 Major Factors That Impact the Resale Value of Your Pleasanton Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 05 August 2016 14:29

5 Major Factors That Impact the Resale Value of Your Pleasanton Home


Are you trying to figure out what your Pleasanton home will be worth years from now? There are many factors that can impact the market value of your property. These can range from home improvements to the mood of the seller. It is important to learn about these factors. This will help you make an informed decision as you price your home when the time to put the ‘for sale’ sign in your lawn has come.  Below are five crucial factors that impact the resale value of your home.


Watch out for these 5 things that can alter the value of your Pleasanton home.



One of the factors that will affect your home’s resale value is its location. This does not only include the geographical position, but also other details such as the selling price of nearby comparable homes for sale, the quality of schools, and the area’s sense of community. Most buyers today put value not just on the property, but on the community, activities, and the school district as well. Walkability has also become more important in many markets.


Negative events

There are many challenges that come with home selling. It is a good thing that you can tell yourself, “There is a free home value for my home in Pleasanton CA.” However, it could be more difficult to sell your home if you have mold issues, experienced a fire or was the site of a violent crime.  These negative events command a lower price. Although Federal law requires disclosure of all known lead-based paints, state laws differ as to whether the seller must disclose issues related to natural disaster or crimes committed in the home.


Overly customized components

Buyers might get turned off by unique tile colors or layout in the kitchen. Your thousand-plus-dollar hardscape might not appeal to the buyer’s taste. The elaborate home office and over-the-top lighting can make it hard for buyers to envision themselves in your home. In addition to that, a smart buyer will find it counterintuitive to remodel a space that has been remodeled already. Avoid adding too many quirky or custom-tailored components to your home, especially if you do not have long-term plans of staying in it.


Check out the top 5 things about your Pleasanton home that can either lower or raise its  value.


Bedroom conversions

Homes with three to four bedrooms are among the most popular options for many buyers today. Knowing this does not mean that you have to knock down a wall to make your master larger or convert your garage into a bedroom. Doing so will likely have a negative impact on the resale value of your home. Keep in mind that a two-car garage is also on top of many buyers’ must-have list.



Before you show your home to potential buyers, you have to settle the question, “What's my home value in Pleasanton CA?” You have to ensure that you home is in immaculate condition since this will also be a deciding factor to a potential buyer. It will affect the amount that the buyer would be willing to pay for your home. If your home is in good condition, it has a much higher potential for top dollar sale as compared to one that is obviously lacking the most basic routine maintenance. Buyers will surely be checking conditions like paints, floor covering, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. They are also likely to pay close attention to the plumbing, electricity work, repairs, bathrooms, and kitchen.


Check out if you need assistance in selling your Pleasanton Ca home or need help knowing where to start.


If you are looking for a Pleasanton luxury REALTOR® who can help you sell or buy your dream luxury home, call me, Rhonda Fee, at 925-200-0827. You can also text 925-660-7110 with any of these codes: seller411, buyer411 or homesearch. With my extensive experience and knowledge of the Pleasanton luxury real estate market, combined with a track record of satisfied clients, your next transaction will be the best move you’ve ever made!

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