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How to Stage a Home Like the Experts

Written by Posted On Friday, 05 August 2016 20:32

One of the most important steps when preparing to sell your home is to show off the potential of the property and allow visitors to envision living in the space.

From the living room to the closets, the home should be styled appropriately to allow buyers to feel comfortable and at ease. When you want to sell your home quickly and attract buyers, there are a few important steps to take to stage a home like the experts do.

Be Neutral About Colors

Although you may be a fan of the color red or enjoy all things purple, your personal preference when it comes to decorating your home can easily turn off buyers. Repaint each building with natural colors to open up the rooms and allow them to appear larger. Neutral shades will be less of a distraction than bold colors and can appeal to more people who tour the setting. You'll also want to hang neutral artwork on the walls and use neutral color shades with your linens or window treatments.

If you're intent on adding a bit of creativity to the home, opt for using a bold color of paint on an accent wall or in a powder room. You can also consider using wallpaper on one wall to incorporate a contemporary pattern into the space.

Group Furniture Together

The furniture that is used in the home is one of the main factors that influences how well the home is staged. The furniture should be grouped together in each room and should be placed several inches away from the walls. Allow love seats or lounge chairs to face one another where conversation can be made. Avoid pushing the furniture up against the walls, which can create awkward spaces in the middle of the room and can make the home appear bare. Placing the furniture close to each other will make it easier for the areas of traffic to flow better and will also create a cozy environment.

Style the Tables

It's important for your home to look inviting and lived in without too bare. To avoid making your dining room table appear bland, you'll need to style it with an oversized arrangement that works as the centerpiece of the room. You can also add cloth place mats and napkins with rings or a table runner, which will remind buyers of the ability to entertain in the home. Add extra warmth to the room by using an oriental rug underneath the table and by installing a dramatic chandelier overhead to enhance the appeal of the property.

It's also important to clear off clutter that has accumulated on the coffee tables and end tables. Stack large books, put a vase out on display, and use candles to draw more attention to the furniture item. You can make any table interesting by using the right products to decorate.

Dress Up the Windows

It's important to dress up the windows and prevent them from being bare, which will contribute to the aesthetics of the home and create a cozier environment. Blackout curtains are an ideal option because they'll allow you to enhance the amount of privacy that is available inside. The window treatments can also block out an undesirable view that can often turn off buyers.

Create a Gender Neutral Bedroom

Many people make the mistake of using too many floral prints in the bedroom or using dark wood furnishings to decorate, which can turn off both men and women depending on the style of the room. It's important to use gender neutral furnishings to avoid turning off certain buyers. Opt for using tasteful artwork and crisp linens to create a warm environment that is an ideal retreat for both men and women.

You can also enhance the bedroom by creating a designated seating area, which will allow the room to appear more spacious and functional. Place one or two chairs in the corner of the room or near a window with a footrest where a throw can be placed. Use a small side table to place a book or two to create a welcoming environment that looks relaxing.

Skip the Florist

When you're trying to sell your home, it can be expensive to replace fresh flowers every week when you're trying to brighten up the living room or kitchen with a bouquet of fresh peonies or roses. You can skip the florist and still add to the design of the home by using blossoming branches in a clear vase for a modern style that looks shabby chic.

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