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Never ignore your house's basement, windows, and roof

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 August 2016 05:09


Your house's basement stench, windows, and roof play an important role in maintaining property's overall structural health. Thus, repairing and replacing parts of roof, windows, and basement stench also becomes important.

When is it the right time to call roofing expert?

Home improvement expert Lou Manfredini recently interacted with journalists. He shared his opinion on several issues, including roofing solutions. The expert suggested that average American roof's life can be as long as ten years. However, it is advisable to call roofing expert whenever curls appear on roof shingles, walls start showing water leakage, or roofing material starts falling off. Avoiding necessary repair work on parts of the roof can result in more damage to walls and property's overall structure.

Lou Manfredini recommends people to avoid re-roofing while repairing roof because this can reduce your property's value. Property buyers do not prefer buying a house that has two roofs.

Never avoid window maintenance

Along with filtering sunlight and air, windows also play an important role in maintaining room temperature in every part of the house.  In some houses, windows are also designed to work as an emergency exit in case of fire incidents. Some of the most preferred types of windows are wooden shaft windows, vinyl replacement windows, double glazed windows, and sliding windows.

Windows in the kitchen and bedroom need special attention. Ones in the bedroom should offer adequate privacy. You should never use completely transparent glass in the same. When it comes to the kitchen window, you need to make sure that it offers adequate air flow to create sufficient ventilation while cooking food.

If you notice cracks in the window frame, glass or in the fiber used as part of the window, you should fix it as soon as possible. You should not hesitate to add a strip of caulking wherever required. Cracks would always turn bigger and uglier with time, and you don't wish to expose your entire room to rough winds if your window completely falls apart, do you?

So, even if a small part of the window glass is broken, it is advisable to get that repaired immediately instead of waiting for the entire window to fall apart and contractor who offers roofing solution that shields your home dangers.

Never ignore basement trouble

Basement walls, floor, and the overall atmosphere can help you in sensing trouble. You should start detecting water leakage if you smell musty smells or see moist walls. Try to find the source and call up basement specialist immediately to sort out the problem.

You should take the same step if you even notice a small amount of water accumulated anywhere on the basement's floor. Accumulation of water should never be ignored because the source might be some broken water supply line or drainage pipe inside your property.  It can also be the rain water slipping through small cracks in waterproofing layer during the rainy season. Accumulation of water inside your basement can suddenly increase if the concerned leak is not repaired immediately.


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