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Auto Insurance: What to Do If You Collide with an Animal

Written by Posted On Monday, 15 August 2016 17:32

While we may all be acquainted with all the tips on how to avoid animal collisions, sometimes things are just out of control. It's a whole lot different when you collide with another driver. As a fellow human, you know how well to react and respond. If you ever have a collision with an animal while driving, then these tips are for you.


Pull Off to the Side of the Road


Immediately you collide with an animal, you should quickly get yourself and your car off the road. Gently pull off to the side of the road and call any animal control agency or your local police department. The road is not a place to park and wait. If you sit still in the middle of the road, you immediately put yourself, your car, and other drivers at risk.


Don't Move the Animal


To even contemplate doing this means you probably have affections for animals but no one wants you putting your life at risk. If the animal is lying on the middle of the road, that's just too dangerous a place for you to try and drag it off the road. You would be putting yourself in harm way, especially since you cannot tell the state of mind of other drivers using the same road.


Stay in Your Vehicle


This may seem a bit to the extreme but it has cost many drivers a lot. You have no idea about the extent of injury the animal sustained or if it's dead. A dangerous animal is always dangerous as long as it has life in it. If you are not sure if it's still alive, stay put and waits for the police or someone skilled enough to handle such animal.


Call Your Insurance Company


You just had a collision with your insured vehicle. It is best to let your insurance vehicle know. This will help in filing your claim easily and provide information of the incident before you forget intrinsic details.

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