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How the Neighborhood Can Influence the Value of Your Pleasanton Home

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 17 August 2016 15:08

How the Neighborhood Can Influence the Value of Your Pleasanton Home


Are you thinking of selling your home to buyers looking for Pleasanton homes for sale? If so, it pays to know some factors that may affect your home’s worth.  


Here are 5 things about your neighborhood that can impact the selling price of your Pleasanton home.


It is a must for you to check the value of your home. Asking for a “free market evaluation for my home in Pleasanton CA” is quite simple and easy. Before you rush and have your home assessed, read on for some ideas on how the neighborhood can influence the value of your property.


Logistics Rule

Buyers ranked safety as the number one characteristic that they look for in a neighbourhood. This is followed by commute, real estate prices, cleanliness, and public transit. Having a neighborhood watch is also a plus factor because it conveys that the people in the neighborhood truly care and look out for one another. Be sure to inform buyers about these neighbourhood courtesies as they are part of the valuable fabric of everyday life.


Homes that have physical problems

As you consider, “What's my home worth in Pleasanton CA,” you also have to take a look at the homes in your area. Your home’s value will be affected if you live in a neighbourhood dotted with properties that are in visible need of repair. Buyers will not be interested in a home that is an eyesore and a lawn that is in disrepair. The closer these problem homes with negative appearance are to you, the more likely buyers will be turned off. On the other hand, living near homes with attractive landscaping can increase your home value.


Living near a power plant

A power plant or a power generating station, is basically an industrial location that is utilized for the generation and distribution of electric power in mass scale. In the U.S., there  are more than 8,000 power plants responsible for the modern convenience of electricity. Living in the vicinity of one can drag your home value by 5.3%, with safety concerns being the most cited reason. The perceived dangers of living near a power plant may vary - from the seemingly harmless solar to the dreaded nuclear. Generally, having a power plant in the neighborhood is linked to lower property values.


Here are 5 things about your home's surroundings that can dictate its resale value.


Living near a cemetery

There are pros and cons to living near a cemetery. One advantage is that there would most likely be no chance of future developments on the site of a cemetery. Aside from that, it is quiet and many cemeteries are quite picturesque. On the other hand, cemeteries give some people an uneasy feeling, as it represents mortality. Also, it may not be an area they want to ‘live’ next to everyday. Living near one can decrease you home’s value by 12.3%.


School district

Living near a high-scoring school can increase your home’s value. Aside from that, there are plenty of attractive advantages that come with proximity to a school, including increased police protection, personal use of school facilities and living in a “Drug Free School Zone.”  On the other hand, a poor school district is harmful to your overall home value.  A school where one teacher handles a class of 40 students with a slim graduation rate is usually an indicator of a deprived neighborhood and can drag your home’s value down by 22.2%.



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