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Home Insurance: Learn from Others Mistakes or Let Others Learn from Yours

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 August 2016 14:13

Even mortgage companies have come to realize the importance of taking insurance for a property. These days, a home insurance is one of the things they ask for before approving mortgage. While no one hopes to have damages or loss to their home, there are some unforeseen circumstances that could occur. For this reason, it is always a smart choice to buy insurance for your home.

Collins Anderson had things pretty much figured out and was fortunate to buy a home to call his own. He was approached by an insurance agent on the need of insurance for the property. Collins home was located in a really safe community and was not really exposed to any noticeable form of damage or loss. Rather than do the right thing and buy the insurance, he chooses to rather invest the money in something else.

There was nothing wrong in taking out a new investment but he was soon going to regret his decision. At about 13 months from owning his home, his home was burgled. Surprisingly, he had kept lots of valuables in the house at the time. This was a devastating blow for Collins as he struggled to hold tears back. Not only would he be responsible for the repairs and replacement of damaged and lost things in the house, he would have to be responsible for all other expenses to be incurred. You can either choose to be like Collins or just join the bandwagon of procrastinator. Whatever your decision is, always ensure you have no reason to regret in the future.

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