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Select a home builder who is willing to pay compensation for non-completion of project on time

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Planning to construct your dream home? You are definitely one of the lucky ones to do so. Here are some points that can guide you.

Give priority to pre-construction upgrades

There are certain aspects that you need to choose before the builder starts construction work at your site. Such aspects are called pre-construction upgrades and include basic parts of the layout like the number of rooms, toilets, balconies, and certain structural components that cannot be changed in the plan (layout) once the construction work starts.

On the other hand, aspects like sheds, carports, outlying spaces, types of doors and windows, in-house accessories, Kitchen counter top, carpeting, appliances, interior decoration items, lighting accessories, etc. are something that you can choose/make changes even post construction.

 Before approaching construction contractors for a quote, you should at least have your pre-construction plan ready.

 Do not over-customize the basic layout

 You might feel like adding a stairway from your bedroom on the ground floor to the bedroom at first floor, but your contractor may not be convinced with that. In such case, it is advisable to share the layout details with two experts. Change the plan if both experts recommend you to not to do so. Too many personal touches may create problems in the overall structure. So, let the engineer take the final call when it comes to layout.

Hire a legal advisor to guide you with construction contract

There are hundreds of contractors available in every city these days. Finding the most suitable one is a time-consuming task. But, it is worth spending time because your house is worth thousands of dollars and you would construct it just once in your lifetime.

You can choose your construction company on the basis of recommendations received from friends, relatives, neighbors, and other professionals. But, be sure that the company has earned good reputation because of its work in the past. They should be able to complete the project within the decided time frame, and most importantly, within decided budget.

Once you finalize your contractor, ask him if he can arrange all the necessary permits for construction from local government or homeowner needs to do the same. Do not start any work at the given site before getting approvals in place.

Sit with your legal advisor and read the agreement between you and the contractor carefully before signing the same. It should not only mention details about the construction plan but should also mention daily working hours, daily labor charges, type of materials and components to be used at the premises. If there are any expected additional charges that can add up to the bill later, there should be an estimated amount mentioned in the contract for the same as well. Make sure that you pay the overall construction cost in installments, most preferably, in phase by phase manner.

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