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Property's external walls and roof should be checked for leakages during monsoon

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 August 2016 16:27


 Monsoon's fragrance would definitely give you that rejoicing feeling. Your mind would start feeling that excitement as soon as the rain starts pouring. However, rain also brings a set of problems with itself. Out of all the issues, water leakage needs immediate attention as it can cause damage worth thousands of dollars within just a few minutes of time.

Leakages should not be ignored

The pitter-patter sound coming from the window offers relief to the mind. However, the same sound can trigger surprising or shocking effect if you hear it in the bedroom or kitchen and see water drops dripping down the roof. Such leakage can ruin your interior, wooden furniture, bed, curtains, etc.

Signs of water seepage marks on ceiling and peeled paint on the wall can even reduce your property's overall value. So, these problems need to be urgently attended to make sure that your property remains safe.

Be extra careful if you have recently got rid of termite infested wooden item

Termites can not only live in wood, but they also use spaces within the furniture and walls. If you have ever had found termite inside your house, chances are that they may have created cracks in concrete parts of the house as well as walls. So, even if you notice small cracks somewhere, it is advisable to seal them with waterproofing material.

Make sure that there is no entry point for water or moisture left in the wall or roof of your house. Even small leakage can end up causing damage to your property's interior. Always keep your eyes open for signs of leakages. Do not show stinginess while calling an expert to look into roof related issues.

Check your property's roof

Before the arrival of the monsoon, it is advisable to go on your property's roof and check if there are any cracks developed on tiles, shingles, or on any other part of the roof terrace. Even accumulation of debris, weeds, and moss, or plants on the roof is a sign to indicate that your house's roof needs to be cleaned.  In the case of small cracks, you can try fixing the same with waterproofing products.  If deeper cracks are visible in several parts of the roof, you should immediately contact roofing contractor and get all the cracks repaired before the arrival of rain.  Choose the best Roofing Installation and repairing firm to get your house's roof repairing done.

Check your property's external walls

Strong wind combined with heavy rain can cause considerable damage to house's external walls. Unfortunately, several homeowners fail to notice this damage on time. Thus, experts advise house owners to check external walls for cracks, patches, peeling paint and other symptoms of damages.

If you live in an area that witnesses severe rainfall that is good enough to cause damage to external walls, you should consider adding waterproofing coating on the concerned walls. There are special coating paints available in the market that can bear rainfall as well as extreme heat.





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