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Ideas to Stage Condos for Sale Irvine

Written by Posted On Thursday, 01 September 2016 10:23
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When you plan to sell your condo, you need to stage it properly in front of the buyers to get the best price for your property. Listed below are some ideas to help you stage your Condos for Sale Irvine.

1. Disengage Yourself from Your Condo

When people visit your condominium, they want to imagine themselves living there. So, all your personal stuff needs to be packed away. Few things are listed here to give you an idea:

1) Family photos
2) Mementos
3) Apply neutral colors and accessories
4) Pack away the personal souvenirs
5) All the extra clothes need to be packed away as well. (It will also make your closets look spacious.)

2. Excellent Entrance

Call it a cliché but first impression is the last impression. Focus on the entrance of your condo. If a coat of paint is needed, apply it. Listed below are some tips to help you make the entrance look spacious and welcoming:

1)      Clear up the foyer.
2)      Key holders and coat racks need to be put away.
3)      Adding a small bench and vase with fresh flowers will lift anyone’s mood

3. Understand the Buyers

Many small gestures and acts from your side can make all the difference when you are staging the condos for sale Irvine. For instance, if your buyer has young kids, then he will definitely want to know about the schools in the area. You can gather flyers from different schools and present them to your buyers when they visit your place.

Here are some more things that you can do:

1)      You can also present them with a list of nearby restaurants, coffee shops, theaters and other attractions.
2)      Redecorate according to the buyer’s choice. If it is a young couple, then you would like to add some minimalistic accessories in vibrant but neutral colors.
3)      Remodel and upgrade your kitchen. Clear the counters so that it looks spacious and adding a modern appliance is also very beneficial.

4. Squeaky Clean

If you can afford it, it is best to hire a professional cleaning team to clear up the whole property before the final presentation. Also, declutter along with the cleaning. Keep the following points in mind when you are cleaning the house:

1)      Almost pack 30% of the room. This will create the sense of big and spacious.
2)      Rearrange the furniture and put the extra in the storage.
3)      It would be best if you rent out a storage space for your extra things.

5. Quick Extras

Here are some additional things you need to check before staging your condos for sale Irvine.

1)      Paint the walls in neutral hues.
2)      Clean the carpets and rugs and replace or remove anything that is damaged.
3)      Remove all your extra linens and appliances and put them away in the storage.
4)       Pay attention to your windows and lampshades. Check the blinds. Add suitable curtains and wash the lampshades.
5)      Replace your dull bulbs with high wattage bulbs and lighting's to give a brighter look to your place.
6)      Focus on light fixtures and clean them. Check the lights and bulbs that are out of order and replace them.
7)      Get rid of pet odors and it is best if you move your pets to a pet facility or at a friend’s place.
8)      Add shower curtains and fresh flowers to the bathroom.
9)      Clean the grime and mold from the bathroom walls.

When someone is visiting your condos for sale in Irvine, put a pot of water with cinnamon on the stove or better still, bake some cinnamon cookies to make your condo smell fresh and welcoming.

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