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Two Authorities to Call Immediately After an Accident

Written by Posted On Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:24

At the time of a car accident, you may be too shocked to know exactly who to call. Some people can be hurt badly and would rather call family or friend before calling the emergency services. In this post, we will look at the two most important authorities you should notify immediately after an accident.

Call the Emergency Number

Irrespective of the extent of damage in the accident, the first authority to notify is the emergency number in your country. Usually this number is linked to the police who would help direct the call to the relevant authority. In some countries, it is required by law to notify the police whenever an accident occurs. You could also use the police as eyewitness when filing your claim in your auto insurance company.

Call Your Insurer

The next authority to notify is your auto insurance provider. They will be responsible for all the cost for repairs and replacements. To help verify the authenticity of your claims, the insurer would send an adjuster. The sooner your insurer gets notified about the accident, the easier it would be for you top recollect all the facts about it. In other words, to speed up the verification process of your filed claim, it is best your insurer gets to know about the accident as soon as possible.

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