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Believe in Goodness and the Happiness that follows!

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 September 2016 20:16

So many of us don't think big, don't think positively and don't see opportunity in the challenges we face! It is time to do the things, that others are unwilling to do, to see the best, in the way that things turn out and to make the most of our relationships with others!

Watching news that promotes negative feelings, brings sadness and causes fearfulness, is, in my opinion, harmful and preventable! Do we really have to watch doom and gloom stories on the TV news, Newspapers and the Internet? We can find the positive stories, the amazing people & the kind, helpful, tolerant and soft words spoken by true leaders, if we try!

When we watch riots, killings, terrorist incidents, demonstrations and more, we become insensitive to the goodness that always surround us! TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Postings & Blogs, tend to accentuate the negative, the problems, the anger and the fear! Uplifting stories, people and events do exist-we just have to look for them!

If you seek out the good stories, the examples that speak of courage, heroism, kindness, charity and positive behavior, you will have done, what others won't do. It seems like it is easier to be satisfied with the short path! When you read, view and hear, the negative thoughts of others, rather than finding uplifting stories, uplifting people and the inherent positiveness of life, you will have missed out, on most of the goodness that surrounds you!

So keep your words, thoughts & online posts - positive, kind, useful, uplifting & truthful, so you won't have to worry about tasting them, in a bitter way, just in case you have to eat them! Seek out the people that speak kindly, do good things and make others lives better! They are the ones to have in your life!

Remember-It is just as easy to be happy as it is to be unhappy-so choose wisely!

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Fred Eckert

Fred Eckert,a 25+ year veteran Chicago Title Insurance sales representative. Google San Diego Title Insurance... An Assistant Vice President, specializing in foreclosures, Short Sales, Charitable Institutions, Bank Owned properties, investors, buying and selling real estate, title insurance and escrow, 1031 exchanges, real estate needs and Education. Has a Master's Degree in Business, & is an accomplished speaker and trainer. A retired USN pilot, he also held positions as Legal officer, Safety officer, Operations officer, Detachment Officer in Charge, Class Desk Officer and Division officer. He is a member of the Coronado Association of Realtors, the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, the San Diego Host Lions Club, the San Diego Creative Investors Association and the North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association and Friends of Children United Society. His book, "198 Super Things to Think, Say and Do", has been well received in the Investment and Real Estate communities. Search 'San Diego Title Insurance" on Google!
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