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The Differences between a Local Move and a Long Distance Move

Written by Posted On Thursday, 15 September 2016 13:01

Many people believe that whether you are moving locally or moving to some remote location both these home relocation types are the same. But this belief is absolutely wrong. To understand the reason why first let’s explain the difference between a local move and a long distance move. A local move is one which involves moving within a locality i.e. moving across the same city or the same town or the same state. While a long distance move means moving to a distant location such as moving to an0ther city or across the border.


Now that you know what a local and a long distance move are, you should also know that there are significant differences in these types of house removals. Some of the main differences which one should consider while planning on moving home will be discussed here.


The first and most important difference between the two moves is that of timing. Moving house in Balham or other area typically takes two to four weeks to organize whereas moving across the border or country involves the complete relocation of your whole family and other logistical details, therefore it can take one to three months.

Psychological Adjustment

In a local move your surroundings, lifestyle and routine remain similar, therefore you do not have to go through the psychological pressure of changing your lifestyle. Whereas, in a long distance house relocation, there is the emotional and psychological pressure of the change in culture, society and surroundings.

Change of Address

When you are moving locally you do not need to change your doctor, your children’s school, etc., but you are required to change your residential address for the bank and utilities. Whereas, if you are moving over a long distance then you not only have to change your address but you have to change almost everything from your kid’s school to your bank’s branch, everything.

Do It Yourself vs. Hiring Movers

When you are moving locally, then usually you have two options: either to move by yourself or to partially use the services of house movers because of the flexibility in shifting methods. But in case of a long distance move, a proper professional moving company is required because it involves various logistical details which cannot be covered by an ordinary person - therefore professionals are required. Long distance house removals are not a job for one person. Hence a long distance move is not only more stressful but it is also more expensive.


Get Rid of Junk

Moving home is always an opportunity to get rid of your useless stuff but a long distance move is something more than that. In a local move you can get rid of some items if you want, need but in a long distance one, whether you want or not, you have to shortlist your items. Since it is impossible to move with all your things, you have to discard or store some of the things which cannot be moved.

Last minute adjustments

In a local move, if you forget something then it is always convenient to go back and fetch that thing. But the case is exactly the opposite in long distance domestic removals; if you have forgotten something it is near impossible to bring that thing back.

Legal requirement

If the long distance move is across the border then you have to face some legal requirements without which you cannot move; on the other hand there are no such requirements in a local move.

Hence from the above mentioned facts it can be concluded that the belief “a move is a move” is not at all true because there are significant differences between local and long distance home removals. Local moves are always easier both physically and emotionally as you are moving within familiar surroundings. Whereas long distance ones always involve emotional and physical stress thus making the process more difficult.

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