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4 Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 September 2016 18:35

Real estate agents often spend a disproportionate amount of time working on generating buyer and seller leads. Despite their efforts in this regard, few of these leads are ever converted into buyers or sellers simply because of the low quality of the leads most traditional strategies generate. These low-yield strategies are both frustrating and time-consuming, so it is no surprise that agents are always on the lookout for a better way of doing things.  

For realtors, the key to success is not limited to merely generating more buyer and seller leads; it is generating more high-quality buyer and seller leads. The four strategies that follow have been proven to be effective in generating the kind of buyer and seller leads that are regularly converted into actual listings. As an added benefit, many of these strategies are far less time-consuming than the ones typically used by agents. 


Automated Communication and Follow-Up 

Direct communication with potential buyers and sellers remains an exceptionally effective approach, but it is also one that can be very difficult to manage and it certainly requires a sizable time commitment. Fortunately, companies like BoldLeads.com have developed programs that automate a great deal of the initial communication and follow-up process so that the agent only has to dedicate his or her time to the leads that have expressed clear interest and are therefore more likely to buy or sell a home.  

This is accomplished through automated emails, text messages, voicemails, and more, which allows the agent to enjoy far more productive conversations with leads that are genuinely interested in buying or selling a home. As a timesaving strategy that is as efficient as it is effective, automated communication and follow-up is one of the best ways available to quickly generate a greater number of quality buyer and seller leads.  


Postcards, Zestimates, and Newsletters 


Veteran real estate agents have been relying on these kinds of strategies for some time now, and the most successful agents know that this sort of communication continues to be highly effective. In areas that are known for high turnover, postcards detailing the kind of market information that might intrigue a potential buyer or seller represent a simple and straightforward approach that still generates high-quality leads.  

Newsletters are also a great way to build a network of potential buyers and sellers while also ensuring they remain informed of any relevant real estate trends that might influence a potential buyer or seller to take action. These newsletters can be emailed to an agent’s entire database quickly and easily, saving time while still reaching a wide audience.  

Simply dropping off a printout of a homeowner’s Zestimate along with a brief note is also a highly effective strategy for generating high-quality seller leads. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential value of their home and are thus intrigued to find out about the actual value of their home if it were put on the market. Attaching a simple note to the Zestimate printout along with a call to action often leads to a productive conversation with a potential seller.  


Facebook Advertising for Home Valuations 

In addition to dropping off printouts of Zestimates door-to-door, realtors can pique the interest of potential sellers by using Facebook advertising for home valuations. When a Facebook user clicks on the ad, it takes them to a lead-capture landing page that secures the potential seller’s contact information. When paired with an automated follow-up system such as the one available through BoldLeads.com, these ads require very little time and effort on the part of the real estate agent.  


Incorporate Retargeting Campaigns  

Visitors to a real estate agent’s website are often genuinely interested in buying or selling their home, so any form of advertising that targets these specific individuals is far more likely to be useful. Through a retargeting campaign, agents can ensure that visitors to their website are exposed to online advertising appearing on other sites even after they depart the realtor’s site. These ads serve as a subtle reminder and also make it exceptionally easy for the potential buyer or seller to return to the agent’s site by simply clicking on the ad. 


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