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What Is Fine China Dinnerware ?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 22 September 2016 06:31
Bernardaud dinnerware Bernardaud dinnerware Bernardaud dinnerware

Fine China is considered to be that collection that is very expensive to replace. It is an artwork which holds a sentimental value for those who buy it.Though many think of it as fine china dinnerware , it is different in the material it is made up of, especially the characteristics, craftsmanship and also the age of the pieces.
So, while you are trying to search for fine china Dinnerware for your collection, have a look at some points below to make an educated choice.


It is also called porcelain or ceramic by many but has got its name from its country of origin, China.
They are made up of original Chinese materials, kaolin and feldspar. The properties of porcelain make it hard when fired in a kiln and was white in color. Kaolin is white clay and the third ingredient feldspar is a mineral, which has the property of producing a glossy sheen.
Later, European china was developed with clay as its base material and ground glass was added to produce the required shine. The modern ingredient porcelain is made up of a varied variety of materials. Kaolin is the primary clay, which has additives like ash, quartz, and alabaster. For the color, blue cobalt or copper is added to it.


Long back in the villages of ancient China, the craftsmen constructed their own forges and kilns. Those kilns produced extremely high temperatures of around 1000 to 1300 degrees F or more. When made at  high temperatures, the products produced were hard and non-porous. Such quality is found in china even before the process of glazing. However, this process common in order to add a decorative shine or what we call a special effect. Glazing is also an important part of the process as it makes it resistant to aging and staining.
STEP 1: The product is given a shape out of the clay paste, which is then placed in the kiln heated at a moderately high temperature.
STEP 2: As stated above, it is then the process of glazing which makes it shiny. Further, it is fired in a hot kiln.

From the original use in dinnerware and crockery, china was later used by artisans in the manufacture of decorative material as well. With the development in their style of manufacturing china, they did use methods as incorporated by the artisan from different regions and countries. You might now be able to collect beautiful antiques and vintage products, which have been made by different techniques.

The practice of manufacturing china still continues today with the artisans creating a great variety of porcelain objects. This contains both utilitarian and artistic products. You might want to buy it to add to your collection or give it away as a gift. Adding it to your tablewares also one option you could consider. These days, you would find a vast range of tableware collection available with various brands like Bernardaud tableware, Waterford tableware that comes in varied colors and patterns, with different kinds of glazes, in different styles and varied sizes.


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