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How to Remove Pet Odors from Your Carpet

Written by Posted On Saturday, 24 September 2016 14:30


If you have pets you know how they can make your carpet smell.

Accidents, vomit, even being wet and rolling on the carpet can cause pet odors on your carpet.

How do you get rid of those smells?

There are plenty of removers sold in stores but do they really work? Do they get deep down and clean the odor out? Will they sanitize and deodorize below the surface?


You choices on removing pet odors from your carpet

There are several choices you can make when it comes to removing pet odors from your carpet.

One of the first things you need to do if it is an accidental bathroom issue or vomit is to blot up the wetness and any other substance that is on the carpet. Once any solid substances have been picked up, continue to blot the wet up. It will take time to get all the wetness picked up out of the carpet but the more you pick up the less odor and less stain you will have.

Now you can choose from one of many cleaners on the market designed specifically for pet odors. Follow the cleaning instructions. This will help keep odors and stains down until you can hire someone to clean pet odors from your carpet.

Hiring pet odor removal is your best choice.


Benefits of hiring a professional for pet odor removal

The benefits of hiring a professional to do pet odor removal from your carpet are they have the proper tools and proper cleaners which sanitize and deodorize deep down without harming your carpet.

The technicians are trained and certified for this type of carpet cleaning. You can rest assured that the technicians know how to get pet odors out of your carpet having it smelling fresh and clean as well as not leaving stains.

Again it is best as soon as possible to clean up the spot yourself to stop it from becoming set into a stain. It also helps reduce bacteria and mold or mildew growth that will cause odors.

Also available are small area machines such as the little green machine or a Shopvac that will suck the wetness up out of the carpeting to help prevent bacteria growth. These machines also allow you to clean the area with a cleaner to help reduce odors and keep your carpet fresh in between cleaning and pet odor removal by professionals.


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