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Office Design Concepts you Can Use for your Home Business

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 September 2016 19:07

Running a home business is no longer considered unusual. The Small Business Administration reports that more than 50 percent of all businesses are home based. Apple and Mary Kay Cosmetics both started in this manner and grew to be the household names we are familiar with today.


If you are going to be running a home business, youll want to make sure that you designate a space for it. Depending on the nature of your enterprise, you may only need a desk, chair and some storage or you may need a designated office and an area where you can meet with clients occasionally. No matter what the nature of your business, there are office design concepts you can use for your home business to keep your work area organized and looking neat. They will also help to increase your productivity during your work hours.


Office Design Ideas for your Home Business


1.Make Sure your Office Looks Fresh and Clean


In order to be productive in the space you have chosen for your home office, youll want to make sure that it looks like a space where you can focus on business matters. Give the entire area a thorough cleaning to make sure that it looks its best. Youll get rid of any cobwebs (figurative and literal) and make your home office somewhere you will want to spend your time.


2. Consider Your Color Scheme


To freshen up your home office or the space you use for your home business, give it a fresh coat of paint. Your choice of color can have an effect on your productivity, so do give it some thought.


Sticking with neutrals may seem as though it is a safe choice, but bland shades like beige, gray and off-white tend to make people feel sad and gloomy. To give your productivity a boost, opt for nature-inspired tints like green or blue instead.


3. Make Sure you Have Ample Light


Look at your sources of light before you start positioning your furniture. Think about when youll have direct sunlight entering the room and for how long. Supplement this source of light with overhead lighting and a desk lamp, if necessary.


4. Mark Off a Separate Space for Your Office


If you dont have a door you can close, have some way to separate your workspace from the rest of the household. If your office space is in part of a room in your home, hanging a colorful curtain can be a solution. You can also invest in a room divider or screen for this purpose.


5. Find a Desk that Fits your Personality


Your office has to be a place where you feel comfortable. If you are going to be doing business from that space, you need to feel that you ownit. You can shop stores other than standard office furniture outlets to find a desk that suit your needs. Consider using a standard dining room table, a hutch with a pull-down drawer or a plain door attached to two saw horses for a basic DIY-style desk.


6. Make a Point of Combatting Clutter


Clutter is the enemy of productivity, which means youll need to have a plan for keeping things neat in your home office space. Youve got plenty of options for your home office, from placing a small filing cabinet under your desk to adding a bookcase beside your desk. Dont forget that you can use the space on your wall as well by adding shelves or a bulletin board to help you stay organized.


There are multiple storage options available for home office use. Depending on the type of business you are running and your personal pretense, you can choose from various types of baskets, boxes, plastic containers, binders, and more. Whatever type of system you choose, it should make your items easy to categorize and find when you need them.


Your efforts to keep clutter at bay shouldnt stop with your shelves. Keep you desktop neat and organized by having a system for dealing with your paperwork right away. Youll want to make sure that you keep receipts for tax purposes in a specific place. Inputting them into an accounting software program regularly will make it easier to track expenses throughout the year and help to keep your office clutter to a minimum.


These office design concepts and tips will help you in your home business. Once you have your office space freshened up and organized, youll find it easier to focus on working onyour own home-based business.


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