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Don’t Make These Five Common Staging Mistakes

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 27 September 2016 20:33
Don’t Make These Five Common Staging Mistakes Don’t Make These Five Common Staging Mistakes


Are you an agent seeking to properly stage a home for a seller? These five common mistakes could lead to a selling pitfall. Make sure you have the savvy to properly stage the home for the best possible appearance and effect on the potential home buyer.


Buyers may not have the same home decor tastes as the sellers do. Their family and living setup might be completely different. Perhaps your seller is a chef and the kitchen is the focal point - but the buyer is more concerned about each kid having their own space and where can she do her crafting.


First, you have to understand that staging isn’t going to magically mask serious issues with a house. It can, however, help the space look larger, more inviting, and more comfortable, and highlight the best features of the home.


Whether you are staging real estate in Miami, Florida, or in Phoenix Arizona, these tips can help you prevent staging mistakes that could result in a longer time between putting the house on the market and a successful sale.


  1. Don’t crowd the house. Too much furniture gives a claustrophobic effect, and reduces the ability of the buyer to envision their own belongings in the space. Be elegant and clean-lined, and provide the proper accessories without getting too cluttered. Individual pieces should also not be too large - an enormous couch may feel comfortable, but if it takes up too much floor space it can make the room feel cramped.

  2. Dark paint and paneling can be glaring and instantly put off buyers. They may want a rich red accent wall, but let them make that decision themselves. Strive for neutral, pale wall colors, and plenty of light - natural if possible. Also aim for consistency - each room being a different color can be jarring. An exception could be an attic room or basement space; otherwise, go for light and uncomplicated.

  3. Poor placement of furniture and wall artwork can kill a home sale. Make sure all the furniture isn’t up against walls, and don’t block natural foot routes through the house. Likewise, carefully consider the use of wall art to complement the space, not to overpower it with giant framed pictures or hang tiny pieces that swim on vast blank walls.

  4. Multiple focal points can distract and ruin the line of sight in a room. Pick a main focal point and concentrate on making it the central spot from which all decor flows. This can be a fireplace, a bay window, or an entertainment center that draws the eye.

  5. Don’t forget storage spaces and the garage. Use some props to show how the space can be used, and be creative. The pantry seems bigger when it has at least a few things in it, and that hall closet could be the perfect spot for extra sports gear and a coat or two. The entry should be well lit and inviting as well, with a coat rack or a small table for keys.

Whether you are a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas, or Atlanta, Georgia, avoiding these five common staging mistakes can result in a quicker sale, a higher price, and a happier client.


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