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6 Actionable Tips for First-Time Home Buyers and Sellers

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 13:02

As a property seller, your definite goal is how to “sell my house fast” as early as you can. While this task seem achievable at first glance, you have to brace yourself for various competitions and market demands that can affect your home selling process.

 As time go by, express homebuyers are also getting smarter when it comes to analyzing the best home prices in the market.

With various trends and market changes that come and go, as home buyers and sellers, how can you keep up with the fast-paced flow of the industry? Here are some actionable tips to get you started:


For first-time home buyers:

l.  Look for a credible agent

As this is your first time, you have to look for a trustworthy agent that can help you get the job done in the right manner. Even though numerous mobile apps have already been developed to help you accomplish this task, home buying has a lot of processes and requirements needed before you completely settle in. This includes proper budget allocation, financing, area and pricing negotiations, market listings, and other details that only your agent can help you with.

2.  Utilize social media and other neighborhood choices

Nowadays, social media is not just used for communication and networking, people with businesses have gained success overtime through using social media’s ad features and enhanced audience reach. With social media, you’ll get to do research on various home listings that are in line with your goals and purposes. But be wary and cautious of the deals online as most can be scams. You can also check out other popular neighborhood choices as most of it have a lot of great deals due to the demand.

3.  Make sure you’re pre-approved

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage is an essential step in your home buying endeavor. Ensuring that you’re pre-approved will help you in assessing your dream house and the monthly payment you’ll have. Make sure that you also ask for multiple mortgage quotes from banks and lenders and choose the best option that suits your budget and lifestyle. Make sure that your credit score is also in proper order to avoid possible conflicts.


 For first-time home sellers:

l.   Identify your negotiation and market plans

In home selling, it’s important to take note of each of your sales needs: pricing, dates, maintenance fees, and costs that will impact your sales outcome. Remember to focus on the final net price as well, and not just on the final sales price. After identifying your negotiations, you have to market your home in the best way you can. As was stated before, the real estate industry comes with tight competition, so your deal should stand out from the rest. Market your home through various listings, feature it on social media, pursue referrals, and make your home available for your prospective buyers to see and experience on their own.

2.  Consult with a credible real estate agent

For first timers, you would want to make sure that your transactions will go well with less hassles and issues. This is where consulting with real estate experts comes in as you would want every financial costs to be broken down in simpler manners for you and your prospective buyer. Consulting with an expert can help you in closing your first (and succeeding) home selling deals.

3. Allocate right pricing

The price is the first factor that most home buyers look for in a home sale. You’ll be encountering certain questions about the pricing and how it was costed in such a way. You have to ensure that your price all of your home’s essentials, such as maintenance and repair fees, as well as the location fee to justify that the price you’ve allocated is the right one and to help your buyers realize that what you’re selling is the best deal among others.


If you’re new to the entire home buying and selling methodology, apply these tips to ensure that you’re doing the right thing in a fast paced industry such as real estate. 

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