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Master Movers: 4 Ways to Prep for the Big Day

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 21:43

Moving homes and relocating to a new property is a challenging task that requires plenty of prep work in the weeks and months leading up to the moving day. From packing up all of your belongings to finding the right movers, there are several steps to take to make for a smooth process. For most people, hiring a moving company like Holland Storage & Moving that packs and moves your belongings for you is a luxury. Though worth it, many people would rather save that money by taking a DIY approach. To ensure that you're ready for the big day and avoid any issues, there are a few important tips to follow.


1. Color Code Each Box

Make it easy to group all of the boxes together with the room that it belongs in. Color code room of the home by using colored tape on your boxes and by labeling each box with a colored marker. This will make it easy to place the items in the designated rooms after unloading them from the moving truck.


2. Pack a Bag with the Essentials

It can be difficult to find a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of water when you're in the process of moving. Make it easy to have what you need on hand by packing a bag of snacks, paper towels, toilet paper, and important documents that are related to the move in one place to ensure that you can find certain items in seconds.


3. Change Your Address

Avoid losing your mail during the moving process by updating your address with the local post office and having the mail forwarded to the new address. You'll also want to change your address with the DMV, your bank, and your employer to ensure that important documents do not get sent back and will arrive safely. You'll also need to transfer your services to your new address with your gas, water, electricity, and any other utilities that will be needed.


4. Get a Baby or Pet Sitter

It can be challenging to care for pets or children who are in your care on the day of your move. Children can easily become injured during the process and pets can escape the home due to gates or doors that are left open. Hire a sitter to care for your loved ones to ensure that they stay out of the way and allow the process to run efficiently.


Although moving day can be long and strenuous, there are several ways to prep ahead of time and avoid complications that can occur. By following a few moving tips, you can avoid extra stress and settle into your new home sooner.

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