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California House Hunting Tips: 5 Things to Know About Buying a House in California

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 04 October 2016 21:17

California is one of the most sought after locations in the US to live a life of peace and tranquility. From San Francisco, LA, to Murrieta, California boasts an impressive list of diverse places to settle for a lifetime. With a seeming infinite beachline, it’s no wonder the state is already the most popular choice for families in USA to live. Here’s a few things to keep in mind if  thinking of moving to the beautiful California suburbs, beaches or metropolis:


  1. The Lifestyle is Amazing - Weather, Culture & Food


California is like a cauldron of a so many traditions that it is sometimes referred to as the cultural hub of USA. It has a strong Spanish tradition with authentic Mexican food joints around every corner. It has a unique set of slang which are spread over every Hollywood movie ever made. It has a huge number of beaches and amazing weather round the year. It has high action-packed celebrity landscape in Hollywood and natural tranquility in villas at bear creek. California is home to a huge number of farmers and produces majority of food supplies for the United States of America. California also boasts of many tech giants like Apple,Google and yes, it even has beautiful mountains and snowy winters too.


  1. Assess What Your Actual Needs are Before Splurging on Housing


Buying a house in CA can be intimidating if you are a first-time home buyer. Prepare yourself for a positive california real estate experience by study availability and trends. When you list out your needs and requirements you can shortlist homes that meet your personal and financial criteria. Property prices may vary drastically depending upon the neighborhood and city you want to live in. Start off with choosing the size of home, neighborhood, required amenities and estimating the mortgage. Set realistic goals by reviewing your financial state. Experts suggest that your mortgage payment should not be more than one-third of your monthly income.

Always get help from a professional if you are not aware of the local real estate landscape. Find out the current home prices before embarking on a journey to buying your dream house.


  1. Window Shopping Out of Price Range is Fun, but Don’t Do Anything Drastic


Window shopping is one of the most enjoyable experiences when buying a house in California. A beautiful home will instantly get an out of towner attached and once the emotional attachment is there, it’s common for California real estate agents to ask a higher opening price for a house. Take help from your expert to offer a counter offer that is reasonable. Rejecting an offer does not result in penalties and you can resume your house hunting without any hassles. Remember, the real estate agents always push for a higher asking price. Do your research about the current property prices in the neighborhood. The analysis will help you in making a reasonable counter offer and save huge money.


  1. Getting a Home Insurance is necessary before closing the deal


In California, you need to get a home insurance before filing for a loan and closing the deal. You cannot take ownership of the home officially until you buy a homeowner’s insurance. California is prone to mild earthquakes so it is advisable to buy a policy that takes care of such insurance and a general insurance policy which protects against fire, theft and liabilities is enough to get the ball rolling. Ask your realty expert to refer for local agents if you do not already have an insurance provider.  After getting insurance the typical deal closing period is 30 days which can be negotiated for a longer or shorter period based on your requirement.


  1. Making an Offer Doesn’t Mean the Transaction is Finalized


House purchasing process is a long one, where making an offer does not oblige you to make a purchase. In California, closing a deal is known as “escrowing”. If your heart is set on a house, there are numerous contingencies which need to be taken care of. Ask your real estate expert to undertake an inspection by a licensed health inspector. Make a reasonable offer based on current California real estate condition. The escrow period finalizes the transaction process. It includes:


·         Checking title records for errors and any other anomalies.

·         Settlement of taxes and other claims by previous owners.

·         Signing of loan and new title documents after a careful scrutiny.

·         A final walk-through in the house to make sure that the property is as intended.


After the necessary paperwork and completion of escrowing period, keys are handed over to the new owners and they become proud owners of a home in California.


Real estate in California has been attractive since the declaration of Independence. The weather, huge number of quality beaches and scenic beauty makes it the perfect abode for any type of family. With its impressive startup scene and combination of traditions, California is arguably becoming the best state to live in United States of America.


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