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How Pool Demolition is done in Maryland

Written by Posted On Saturday, 08 October 2016 23:11

If you live in Maryland and have been thinking of removing your pool you may be wondering how the demolition is done and what is required to do it.


The process

The process begins with your decision to remove your pool. Then you need to decide who to hire or try to do it yourself.

This is an extremely tough job and the majority of people really can’t do it by themselves. You will have to obtain any permits that may be needed.

The actual removal consists of having the pool completely pumped out and drained.

Then removal of the liner is the next step. After which the concrete is then the next step and it is either partially or completely demolished or exhumed.

After which you will have to remove debris and make sure that it taken to the proper facilities for recycling. 

Next you will have to back fill the pool area with rocks and dirt to provide proper drainage and reduce future settling. Then you can plant grass if that is what you want.


Demolition types

Maryland demolition consists of different types. The types of demolition are;

  • Partial –only part of the pool is demolished. This is generally the least expensive.
  • Complete –the whole pool is demolished.
  • Exhumation –the complete pool is removed.  This is generally going to be the most expensive.

What you decide to use the pool area for and your budget will determine which type of demolition is best for you.

Needs some ideas for the pool area after the removal of the pool? These ideas will depend on the size of your pool as well;

  • Garden –vegetable or flower.
  • Patio –more kitchen space and seating area for dinning outside.
  • A combination of garden, patio, and lawn.


Lack of drainage

No matter which you are using the area for garden, patio, or lawn it will require good drainage or you could experience issues such as;

  • A muddy marshy area during and after rain.
  • Standing water problems during and after rain.  This can be a real issue as it will be a breeding ground for mosquitos.
  • Raises the risk of water damage to your home; in the basement and your foundation. If water seeps into your basement this can lead to mold and mildew which cause health risks to you and your family.
  • Can cause sewage systems to flood.
  • Can cause movement of your foundation.



If you have decided to remove your pool, contact the professionals at Remove a Pool; call for estimate and have a stress free pool removal and demolition. 

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