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Adding Fall Curb Appeal to an On-The-Market Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 15:42

Are you trying to sell a home this fall? Battling the falling leaves and browning grass can make autumn a difficult time to sell, but if you can pull it off the results are well worth it. The yard and home exterior are the first thing a buyer sees when they arrive, so attending to curb appeal can have amazing benefits, especially if your home's style is sync with the season. It's not that hard to spruce up an autumn yard and take all the advantages you can of warm colors and rich foliage.

Fall Flowers

Asters add pink, purple, blue and white color to a yard in need of some pop. Goldenrod, helenium, and sunflowers add height and rich golds. Turn to Russian sage, crocuses, and monkshood for deep purples, or try mums and sedum for full bursts of heady color. You can spend a day planting or carefully potting and positioning your new blooms for maximum curb appeal. Mulch with pine needles or fresh hay.

Fall Decorations

Not everyone appreciates Halloween decorations, so stay with the more generic fall festival theme. A leaf heavy wreath on the front door, a few harvest pumpkins, and classy solar powered path lighting can make the yard feel charming and homey. Consider trading cheap wicker porch furniture for a rustic pair of rockers, and add a small table with a few pine cones for effect.

Rake Away

Grab gloves and a rake - fallen leaves are only pretty for a day or so. Getting rid of unsightly piles and cleaning them out of the gutters will give the yard a well-kept appearance. Have a large tarp? You can rake all leaves onto the tarp and drag it off for disposal or bag quickly off the plastic using "rake hands"to quickly pile leaves into approved bags.

Water Judiciously

Green and healthy grass may depend in some part on how the summer affected your lawn; hopefully, the owners were able to properly irrigate and keep it lush. Maintaining the home's lawn through the fall will mean a nice presentation to potential buyers.

Paint Trim and Doors

Even if the whole house doesn't need an exterior paint job, touching up the trim, shutters, and front door can make a massive difference in how the home is perceived from the road or yard.

Update Practicalities

Make sure the house number is clearly painted on the curb and mailbox - and speaking of the latter, see if it's time for an upgrade. No-one wants to stick their hand in a broken down potential spider nest. Make sure the gate is in good repair and freshly painted if necessary, and update the walkway with fresh stones or gravel to ensure the path to the front door is clear. Also check the garage door and arrange to refurbish, repair, repaint, or replace if you have to.

Make the Boundaries Clear

The lot line should be easy to spot. Buyers want to know exactly how much land the property they are looking at is sitting on, so find a way to demarcate the property boundary if at all possible.

These curb appeal tips can help a home up for sale in the autumn look more appealing and sell more quickly. For more tips from the pros, visit the OFFICIAL RealEstateAgent Directory Blog today!

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