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Wealth Building - Why you should buy a home NOW!

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 17:42
Build your wealth with savings and your home Build your wealth with savings and your home

Everybody envies the businessman or millionaire. The dream of turning a great idea into a fortune has been the apex of our capitalist economy since its founding. What many people don't know is that there are hundreds of thousands of millionaires in America. These hardworking people get there the old fashioned way. Hard work, good savings habits and patience can lead to a steady accumulation of wealth that leads to a comfortable retirement and a nice endowment for the children of these families that can guarantee prosperity for generations.

A home is usually the single biggest investment that most people will make. Since everyone has to live somewhere, it only makes sense that whatever you pay for living arrangements should provide some type of return down the line. With interest rates still at record lows and historically stable returns, a home can become the centerpiece of a family's financial stability. Coupling the magic of compound interest with home ownership and a diversified 401k portfolio creates a steady buildup of equity and value that is maintained only by discipline and stability. Be smart, not sorry! Start now. It's never too late to begin that slow roll to financial freedom! There are so many way to buy that first home. Got $2,000? You can buy a home! From USDA to VA and FHA mortgages, it is very easy to get your foot in the door and begin your march to a comfortable life and retirement. In the meantime, if you do come up with that new idea or app that can change the world, remember, real estate is also a great investment for rentals, fixer uppers or flipping!  


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Dan Wolk

Dan began his career in 1986 as one of the pioneers in the discount real estate business model in Central Florida and was one of the top ten real estate agents nationally within the Help-U-Sell Real Estate franchise for four years running. The winning combination of providing top level service with a variable commission structure designed to SAVE consumers thousands of dollars has made him a perennial "thorn in the side" of the big real estate franchise agents for decades! Over the years, Dan developed his own brand of discount real estate that still provides a "sellers choice" commission structure, while also focusing on superior customer service. Since 1986, Dan has added Real Estate Broker, Licensed Real Estate Instructor, Licensed Title Agent and and MBA to his resume, giving him a unique edge other agents simply don't possess. This arsenal of knowledge combined with unparalled problem-solving skills have made the difference for thousands of buyers and sellers for almost 30 years!

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