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Emergency cleaning tips before a holiday party

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 October 2016 07:29
Emergency cleaning tips before a holiday party Emergency cleaning tips before a holiday party

If you expect guests and have planned a holiday party, you certainly need to take care of the condition of your home. If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to clean, check the tips presented here. These emergency cleaning tips before a party will help you prepare your place for celebration and will make a good impression of your guests about your home.


Clean fast rugs and carpets using baking soda

Just sprinkle small amount of baking soda over the floor coverings in the rooms and leave it to work for 15 minutes. Then you can vacuum clean the carpets and rugs which will eliminate not only the dirt, but the odours as well. Cleaning and refreshing – easy, fast and effective at the same time.

Lemon for cleaning lighting fixtures and refreshing bins

While you prepare the meal you can use the half of the lemon for cleaning the fixtures in your home and disinfecting the bins. Polish the chrome surfaces of light fixtures with half cut lemon. It will make them shine. Toss the used lemon rinds in the rubbish bin for deodorisation.

Removing stinks from from the kitchen

In case you have cooked foods like fish and others which leave a lingering smell you can remove such without any efforts. Just take a saucepan and fill it with 1 glass of water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Let the saucepan boil for a few minutes and switch the power off. You can add cinnamon sticks or orange peels for better effect if you prefer.

Easy spot removal solution

This solution consists of water and vinegar and can be used on mirrors, sinks and many other surfaces for removing toothpaste and other obstinate stains. Spray and wipe away till the stains disappears. You should avoid applying it on natural stone surfaces like marble and granite as they will be scratched by the acid.

Use rubber gloves to remove pet fur and fuzz

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and apply them to wipe and gather the pet fur and fuzz which are left on the sofas, armchairs, carpets and other surfaces. If you want to get better effect just moist the gloves with a little water and the fur will stick to them easier and faster.

Use a tint roller or a pair of old socks to remove the dust in the house

The tint rollers can be used to wipe the dust from lighting fixtures, stereo speakers, stuffed animals and many other items. For the same purpose can use a pair of old sockets which are more appropriate for removing dust from hard to reach places.

Take the time to clean and disinfect the toilet

This is one of the places your guests will certainly visit so, make sure you cleanse it appropriately. Start cleaning ealing advises you to use strictly either bleach or other disinfecting products for toilets. Wash and rinse the dirty areas and deodorise in the end with a spray.

Clean areas which are to be seen and will be obvious if left dirty

If you have to provide emergency cleaning before a holiday party you need to focus on the areas which are clearly visible. Start with wiping TV screens, tables, shelves, fixtures and fittings using microfibre cloths. These cloths are very effective and attract dirt using only water or a little detergent. Your guests will be left with the impression that your home is perfectly maintained even if isn’t so if you take the time to clean the high traffic areas.


Using the tips offered above you will succeed to welcome your guests in a healthy, presentable and comfortable place. They will feel at ease and you will have a pleasant holiday party. 

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