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How Does Investing in a Pool Impact Your Home Value?

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 October 2016 20:55

Just about all real estate professionals tell their clients that a swimming pool adds value to a property; this is an assertion that is often repeated but rarely explained. Here are four reasons that explain how swimming pools can add value to your home.

1. Swimming Pools are Fixtures in Warmer Climates

If your home is located in certain housing markets of Arizona, California, Florida, or Hawaii, adding a swimming pool can significantly boost the value of your home, particularly if every other home in your block already has one. The only time this real estate tenet does not apply is if your lot is not spacious enough to accommodate a pool plus a lounging area.

2. Decorative Value Versus Functionality

If you choose to install a swimming pool, be sure to allocate enough of a budget to make it a decorative addition to your home. For you and your family, the simple fact that you have a swimming pool to enjoy may be sufficient, but this will not be enough to a home appraiser or to a prospective buyer. One smart strategy in this regard is to find an above-ground pool dealer; by doing so, you will have plenty of budget to add decorative elements such as a deck, wooden fence, planters, poolside table with umbrellas and chairs, loungers, a fountain, and others.

3. Pool Value Factors

The pool itself can attract the right buyers if it is photogenic. The shape and style of the pool are not as important as the way it looks; however, the age of the pool and its condition are factors that will certainly influence the home's overall value. Smart real estate agents often tell their sellers to start saving up during the winter so that the swimming pool can be installed during the spring and the home can be sold during the summer. This planning schedule will allow the family to enjoy the brand-new pool a few times before it is sold.

4. Exurban Swimming Pools

In the suburban neighborhoods of warmer housing markets, swimming pools are pretty much standard features. In the exurban subdivisions closer to the countryside, lot sizes tend to be considerably larger and the properties often sit next to greenbelt areas. Although swimming pools are not as common in the exurbs, they can easily boost home values by more than seven percent if they are coupled with nice lighting and landscaping.

In the end, a swimming pool can not only boost the value of your property but also bring hours of invaluable enjoyment to your family.

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