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BoldLeads Shares 5 Ideas to Generate More Real Estate Leads

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 19 October 2016 16:20

Although it seems intuitively obvious that generating more real estate leads naturally improves the results a real estate agent is able to achieve, the truth of the matter is that the quality of the leads generated matters far more than the overall volume. As a real estate agent, you have to develop strategies for generating more of the kind of leads that are simply most likely to be converted and will ultimately yield a greater number of commissions. In order to accomplish this, consider the following five ideas for generating more of the best kinds of real estate leads without expending any additional effort.  


Offer a Free Neighborhood Real Estate Report 

Looking to capture local real estate leads? Try offering a free neighborhood real estate report that provides detailed information regarding area real estate trends along with current market values. Using a lead capture system such as the one incorporated into the template created by will let you capture all the local leads you are looking for while also providing valuable and useful information to the community at large.  


Create a Webpage Offering Rent Valuation Services 

High-quality leads can also be captured through a webpage offering rent valuation services, thereby tapping into the segment of the market that includes landlords and property managers. This is another valuable service that you can provide free of charge while also securing potential leads through a lead capture system incorporated into the webpage. Since this is the kind of information that is of interest to so many but not often so easily accessible, you will be able to secure a high volume of excellent real estate leads.  


Provide Sellers Access to Ready Buyers 

The best thing you can offer to a highly motivated seller is access to a large pool of ready and willing buyers, so make sure that all of the motivated sellers in your area are keenly aware of your ability to provide this kind of immediate access. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including through an overarching marketing strategy or by incorporating a seamlessly integrated lead capture system similar to those previously mentioned.  


Include Links in Your Email Signature and Social Media Profiles 

If you are among the many real estate agents that regularly communicate with potential leads and past clients via email, social media, or newsletters, make sure to make it easy to reach you by including any relevant links in your email signature or as a part of your social media profiles. Including these links along with a simple call to action is a great way to generate more leads and ensure that anyone interested in your services is able to contact you quickly and easily.  


Showcase Your Expertise Often 

A variety of websites feature user-generated questions that are then answered by other users, with the best answer typically being featured directly below the original question. Position yourself as an expert by asking the kinds of questions potential buyers and sellers in your area would ask and then answer the question yourself, going into great detail and including reference to your position as an authority figure along with any relevant contact information.  


Whenever potential clients use a search engine to find out information about their local real estate market, they will come across these question-and-answer sites first and will therefore recognize your position as a local real estate expert. Your status as a local expert makes them much more likely to contact you first for any of their real estate needs. 



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