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Top tips to design your own 50 Shades of Grey “Red Room”

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 October 2016 09:40

In 50 Shades of Grey, the main characters explore their kinks in their now-famous Red Room. Fitted out with everything needed for some serious S&M fun, it’s a place where they can safely get into all of the pleasures that they desire. Having your own Red Room is a necessity for any enthusiast, and if you want to explore your kinks in your own home on a regular basis, it’s best to create a dedicated space which can be closed off to visitors. Here are the top tips for designing a killer kinky space.


Set the Atmosphere

It’s called the Red Room for a reason – use of the colour red gets the blood pumping. It speaks of passion and desire, as well as danger. It also helps to make the room feel warmer, which is a good choice for a place where you’re not likely to be fully clothed all of the time! You should also think about the fabrics and textures that you use for furniture, draperies, and even the walls and carpet. Velvet, satin, leather, and silk are all sensuous fabrics that will heighten your senses. Think about setting a theme for your room, too – is it a gothic dungeon? A medieval royal bedroom? Go wild with your imagination.


Soundproof the Room

This is pretty important if you have neighbours, and it will help you feel more secure and private too. The last thing you need is someone calling the police because they heard someone crying out in agony! Soundproofing can also add an extra layer to the kink. Imagine telling your lover (or being told) that no one can hear them scream. It really heightens the whole mood!


Bring in the Toys

Don’t forget to bring in some of your sex toys and have them displayed in a way that excites you. A cabinet from which you can pick and choose your whips, ropes, and other toys can be added in to the foreplay to build tension. Stock up on everything that you think you might need, and don’t forget lubes and special outfits too. It’s never a bad idea to have a first aid kit stowed away in a hidden area – you obviously aim to play safely, but accidents can happen even in the most vanilla situations.


Upgrade Your Furniture

The other “accessory” that you need is great furniture. A four-poster bed sets the atmosphere very nicely and also has convenient posts for tying limbs to. You can get furniture which is designed specifically for some hot kinky stuff, too. Feel free to strike the right balance for you between comfort and deprivation. If you are feeling particularly nasty, you can install video cameras in a CCTV style at the corners of the room. These can be used to record humiliation (or just left off, as a prop to heighten the story).


Compare and Contrast

Finally, if you are not sure about what direction to take your kink room in, you can always spend some time looking around others to see what they get up to. You can find lots of galleries and videos online in private Red Rooms. You can also go to fetish clubs and similar establishments to see how they put their rooms together. Don’t just copy somewhere else – the room should be a reflection of your own personal kink, with all of your favourite elements together in one place. That way you will enjoy it all the more.


The important thing about your Red Room is that you enjoy your time in there. That’s all that really matters!



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