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How to Spruce Up Your Property for Sale

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 October 2016 13:51

If you’re selling your property, you can’t skip anything. Not the décor, the exterior, the fixtures – nothing.

I’m generally not a believer in the saying that ‘you have to spend money to make money’, but for the above situation, I believe that there are exceptions.

If you’re looking to sell on your home, then it has to look good! Potential buyers are going to be imagining themselves living there, so it has to make a good, no, great impression.

And it really is worth shelling out some money to make sure this happens. There are plenty of home improvement guides out there that can help you on your endeavours.

Let’s look at some of the less obvious aspects of your home you need to make sure are up to standard.


If there is one thing that every home has, it’s walls. Because of this, you need to make sure yours aren’t in a bad way.

Re-plaster, re-wallpaper, even re-paint the walls – do whatever you feel is necessary, but do something if you’re walls aren’t up to scratch, because there will be a lot of them, and it’s something that potential buyers will notice when viewing the property.


As above. There is a floor in every room in your home. Fact. So, again, they need to be in top condition.

They also need to serve their purpose. For example, your kitchen and bathroom will really need to be properly tiled or have an appropriate linoleum because of basic use of those rooms.

The same goes for the other rooms. It might even be worth replacing any carpets with laminate flooring as it is easier to maintain and keep nice, as opposed to carpets which tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust.


Not an obvious one as it’s not normally considered an aesthetic issue, but it is fundamentally is as well as a regulatory issue.

Broken, scuffed or missing power outlets are not only a danger, they are just really unpleasing on the eye. They’re something everyone will look at in a home, as they are essential, and if yours aren’t up to standard, then potential buyers can make assumptions about the rest of the place.


Three things you might not immediately think of when getting your home up to scratch, but ultimately three things you can’t ignore. If you need to spend money on these, do it. It will be worth it in the long run. Otherwise, you’re going to see your home’s value drop below what you expect.

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