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Cleaning mistakes that would lower your home value

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In case you have planned to offer your home for sale and want to get a good price for the property keeping it clean and presentable inside and out is essential. There are plenty of things which can lower its price so,  here are presented some of the cleaning mistakes which owners tend to makes as well as how to prevent them. 

Not cleaning the floors frequently enough is one of the problems which may decrease the price of the property. Regular vacuum cleaning every week and shampooing the carpets once every six months is necessary to be implemented. Dirt and grime can embed in the fibres of your carpets if you don’t clean them regularly. On the other hand, hard floors and laminate floors get scratched by dirt particles and start to look dull over time as a result of this. 

Ignoring carpet stains is another problem which can cause permanent marks on the fabrics. Being stepped on, stains will become part of the carpet and will be impossible to be removed. Over time stains become ingrained in the fabric so, make sure you treat them as soon as they appear. Once per month inspect your carpets and if you notice stains try to remove them or hire a professional to do the work. 

Not polished and cleaned front door hardware doesn’t speak well for your home. Door knockers, handles and the metal parts of the front door need to be kept clean and polished to make a good impression to visitors and potential buyers. If ignored these will corrode and become badly damaged. Clean door hardware using the dust attachment of the vacuum cleaner or an old toothbrush. To remove obstinate grease marks moving out cleaning notting hill uses a toothbrush and white spirits. Wash the door fixtures every week using soapy water and rinse. If they can be dismantled, clean them after removing. 

Letting the grout in the kitchen and bathroom get greasy and discoloured is another mistake which homeowners make. In the kitchen after frying and cooking the grease goes in the air and then into the grout which is porous where it stays. If the bathroom isn’t properly ventilated mould and mildew set on the grout. To deal with these problems use splatter screens when you cook to limit the spreading of splatters. Turn on the bathroom fan when you take a shower and leave it on 10 minutes after finishing. This will protect the grout from mould and mildew. Make a shower spray to use daily. To remove discolouration from grout scrub it once per month. 

The humidity of your home should be around 40-50%. If your property has higher rates of humidity this leads to a number of serious problems. These are mould and mildew (in other rooms besides the bathroom as well), condensation on windows which damages their sills and frames, wood rot, swollen doors which are difficult to open, mildew in the carpet. Lower rates of humidity in the rooms causes cracking and flaking of the paint, cracking and drying of hardwood floors, peeling of wallpapers, creating of gaps between the trim and walls. Lack of enough humidity also causes health problems such as sore throats, coughs and others. 

To solve the problem buy a hygrometer to check the humidity levels throughout the year. If you have a humidifier for the house replace its filter at least once per year or twice every winter. Leave the bathroom fan on for 15 minutes after having a shower in the summer and use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking. In the winter buy and use a free-standing humidifier to add more moisture.  

Pests are likely to attack homes during the year when the ground isn’t comfortable enough and too damp for them. If you have had infestations of cockroaches, rodents, ants or other pests you better turn to professional exterminators. To make sure they don’t come back again throw the rubbish bags every day, never leave exposed food on the table and worktops, don’t store too many boxes and papers in your home. Seal the holes in the exterior walls and keep the caulk around doors and windows in good condition. 

These cleaning mistakes you shouldn’t make in case you plan to sell your home. 




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