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5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Open House Memorable

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 26 October 2016 22:05

Getting ready to sell your house and move on to brighter horizons? It’s important when selling a house to put a little elbow grease and attention to detail into preparing your open house. This will help make your open house visitations memorable and entice prospective buyers to make the purchase. Below are some ways you can do this.

Clear out the clutter

Furniture, personal objects and photographs make your home feel special, but others may not share the same appreciation for your tastes. Cut clutter. Keep spaces open, simple and understated. Remove most, if not all personal items before every open house—buyers want to imagine themselves living in your space, not other people.

Entice homebuyers with the home's structure and functional appeal instead. Accentuate roominess. Accommodate buyers with the desired illusion of an easy move-in and comfortable living. That means your beautiful taxidermy wall art will need a new home for now.

Sweet or Savory

A house is always enticing when it smells like a little slice of heaven. Is that the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filling the air? Create a welcoming atmosphere on the day of your open house. Special drink and refreshment areas designated throughout the home encourage relaxation and convenient snacking on-the-go. Producing a homey, open house ambiance always means bringing tempting treats and people together.

Spruce It Up

First impressions are worth their weight in gold. Want more gold? Impress prospective buyers with all things lovely, warm and cozy.

  • Paint colors matter. Stick with something neutral like creamy off-white, light browns or grays.
  • Clean everything from top to bottom. No mildew, mold or grime allowed.
  • Showcase lush planters, box flower arrangements and comfortable seating areas on that desirable porch. 

You might consider speaking with a professional from a real estate company like Krueger Real Estate. There may be certain things that homebuyers in your local area prefer that you can accentuate for them.

Speak to Your Audience

Every prospective buyer is different. Appeal to their specific preferences. This means incorporating useful strategies for both men, women, children and pets. Point out features that accommodate friends, family and functionality. Does your home have a convenient pet door or beautiful appliances for family dinners? Play up easy-access to stores and shops. Mention sale price inclusions like that new roof, deck or A/C unit. If an interested buyer appreciates your home decor pieces, consider including them in the sale price of the house.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

When planning for a successful open house experience, use strengths available to you. Facebook and Twitter are two popular platforms to publicize your open house. You might catch people on these sites that wouldn’t have otherwise known that you were holding an open house.

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