10 Important Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

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Just taking a shower is not enough. You have to ensure that the shower water you are using is actually safe enough. One of the ways to ensure shower water safety is to use shower filter. Unfortunately, many people only care about the water they drink not realizing that showering with unfiltered water could be ten times more dangerous. Tons of benefits await you if you decide to use this gadget. In this post, you will learn of the 10 benefits of using a shower filter.

The 10 Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

1. Removes chemical impurities

Chlorine, chloramine and/or other chemicals are usually applied on drinking and showering water to kill waterborne bacteria and other germs. The water companies do not intend to harm you but using chlorine and other chemicals is the surest way to rid household water of infectious organisms. Unfortunately, these chemicals can react with your skin to cause serious problems. A shower filter can remove these chemical impurities.

2. Better respiratory health

Chlorine is a halogen. Halogens if inhaled can irritate the walls of your respiratory system. Inhaling chlorine fumes from shower water can results in various serious, even life threatening respiratory health problems. Daily exposure to chlorine fumes from your shower water can cause asthma and bronchitis among other respiratory problems. Using a shower filter can prevent these respiratory problems.

3. Protects children

Chlorine as well as other chemicals in shower water can seriously interfere with the health of your young ones. This is because of their delicate health. Removing chlorine and other chemicals from their bath water can protect them from the undesirable effects of such water. You will see your kids growing healthier and stronger immediately you start filtering their shower water.

4. Improved energy and general health

Inhaling or absorbing chlorine into your body has been proved to cause fatigue and interfere with general health. Filtering your shower water can therefore help increase you energy levels and at the same time improve your general health. You will notice better physical and mental performance once you start using shower filter on you shower.

5. Lower risk of cancer

Chlorine has been associated with increased risk of bladder and breast cancer. The association is not well defined but there is enough evidence to link the two. Cancer is one of the most dreaded killers and it has claimed the lives of many people. Many people get cancer but do not imagine it came from unfiltered shower water. Removing chlorine from shower water can help remove the risks of developing such cancers.

6. Healthier and smoother skin

While regular cleaning and general hygiene are great adjuncts to healthy and smooth skin, using chlorine treated water for showering can go a long way in reducing the quality of your skin making it look older that you actually are. Filtered shower water can improve the health and your skin making it smooth, well toned and younger looking. It was also protect your skin from rashes, hives, freckles as well as other effects of contamination and irritation.

7. Lower costs of living

If you thought your government has helped proved safe and affordable water for household use then you are dead wrong. While the water may be affordable, the health and cosmetic problems associated with chlorine treated water can make you spend much more in medical costs as well as the cost of buying beauty products. You will use less of lotions, moisturizers, creams and other beauty products and yet have the best skin you have ever dreamt of. You will not have to contend with health problems resultina from unfiltered water if you use a shower filter.

8. Protects your unborn baby

There is nothing as rewarding as waiting to bring to the world a healthy baby at the end of your term. Many children are born with congenital problems whose sources cannot be easily known. Research now proves that chlorine or chloramine in drinking water can cause serous pregnancy problems such as spontaneous abortions (miscarriages), stillbirths, premature delivery, low birth weight as well as multiple birth defects (brain and nerve birth defects). Using the best shower filter can reduce these risks to the pregnancy and unborn baby.

9. Better mental and physical health

To you it may sound far fetched but chlorine, chloramine as well as other chemicals in shower water can interfere with your mental and physical health. Start using a shower filter today and you will notice your mental function becoming more accurate and clearer. While filtered water cannot help you lose weight as fast as you may want, it will make you feel fitter than before installing a shower filter. It is possible the effects result from improved blood flow to different parts of the body including the brain and the muscles.

10. Fresh household atmosphere

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every household in the country has elevated levels of chloroform in the air as a result of chlorine from showering water. Installing the right shower water filter can help eliminate the chlorine and therefore reduce the levels of chloroform in the air. This will make the home environment health and thereby reduce any health problems that could arise from impure breathing air. This will also reduce the need for air conditioning leading to lower energy costs.


In any case you have been wondering whether installing shower filter is really necessary, then you now have your answer. Chlorine and/or chloroform are important in treating household water it can also be very harmful. You can use such water for purposes other than drinking and showering. Ingesting the water or absorbing it from your skin can result in those problems. Therefore, you must take the earliest opportunity to remove all the chemical impurities from you showering water by installing the best shower filter you can find in the market. Such filters come in different design, performance and costs. Do your research and find the one suitable for you.

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