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Do You Need a Different Kind of Realtor When Shopping for Luxury Homes?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 03 November 2016 17:29

Buying a luxury home is a much more complicated process than most people realize. Even if money is not an issue for the buyer, the seller might be very selective about who can tour their home or make an offer. Here is a look at just a few of the reasons why you might be better off working with a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes.

Finding Unlisted Homes

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing a luxury home is actually finding ideal pieces of property. Many people who own these types of homes value their privacy, and they might not be comfortable telling the public they are considering moving. A realtor from organizations like Re/Max River & Sea who specializes in luxury homes will generally have a number of pocket listings that have not been released to the public.

When Photos Are Inadequate

Skimming through a few pictures and reading the basic features of a home might not do it justice. When these homes have extensive custom work, simple descriptions are rarely enough. Buyers deserve to have a realtor who can coordinate private viewings, take videos, or even consult with inspectors and contractors who can evaluate the upgrades.

Working Around Busy Schedules

Everyone involved in this process is sure to have a busy schedule, and working around those schedules can be exhausting. Instead of making sacrifices in your own life, the real estate agent should be willing to come up with meeting times that work for everyone. Whether that means coordinating video calls or scheduling a viewing at night, by taking the proper steps you do not need to change your own schedule in order to learn more about a home you might be interested in.

Dealing with Extensive Documentation

Depending on the location of the home and its overall value, you might have to deal with complex mansion tax laws that are much different than traditional property tax laws. If any mistakes are made with the taxes or paperwork, you could be looking at a major case with the IRS or another government organization. Anyone who is considering buying a luxury home must work with professionals who understand these unique laws and regulations.

No matter what type of home you plan on buying, no one wants to find themselves in trouble with the IRS or paying more than they need to. A realtor who has experience with luxury homes can help you find the perfect piece of property at the right price.

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