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Should You Bundle Home Security and Home Automation?

Written by Posted On Monday, 07 November 2016 17:07

If you are currently shopping for home security and automation devices, you may come across options to bundle equipment and monitoring together. Obviously, you should compare bundles against purchasing devices individually to create your own customized system. You will also have to ask the inevitable question of whether bundling home security and home automation makes sense. From our perspective, it does.

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Bundling is the practice of combining multiple products or services into a single package in order to get a better price. It is something we should all be familiar with in the internet age. For example, homeowners can bundle together their TV, broadband internet, and telephone into a single package from any number of telecom providers.

In the smartphone arena, you can bundle your calls, text and data usage. You can even bundle all three in a family plan that includes phones for every member of the family. Bundling saves money without all the hassles of keeping track of individual data plans, text messages, phone calls, etc.

So, does bundling makes sense in home security automation?

We believe it does. Here's why:

Bundling Does Save Money

Right off the bat, bundling does save money in home security and home automation. By having all your devices delivered in a single package and monitored and maintained through the same service provider, you spend less than buying separately. Saving money should be obvious.

Bundling Means One Service Provider

Just like bundling your TV and broadband results in having just one service provider to deal with, bundling in home security and automation accomplishes the same thing. When you piecemeal home security and automation, you end up with multiple service providers and who knows how many equipment manufacturers that all have to be dealt with separately. Bundling changes that. You will have one service provider who can answer all your questions, troubleshoot your maintenance issues, and so forth. That same service provider can offer to monitor your security equipment as well.

Bundling Means 'It Just Works'

One of the biggest challenges of putting together home automation and security piecemeal is getting everything to work. Manufacturers all use different standards for their devices, standards that may not work well together in the field. Between the competing software and hardware, it can be a nightmare to set up a piecemeal system.

When you bundle, your service provider will send you equipment that has already been configured to interact. The security and automation bundle will 'just work' right out-of-the-box. Rather than spending weeks trying to get everything up and running, you will spend just a few minutes strategically placing your devices and connecting them to your home network. Then you will be ready to get on with your life rather than obsessing over your security and home automation.

Bundling Means Regular Upgrades

Bundling also means something we are very proud of here at Uxari Home Automation: regular equipment upgrades. That's right; when you bundle home security and home automation with a provider like Uxari, your devices are routinely upgraded whenever those upgrades are necessary. There is no additional cost to you in most cases.

When you piecemeal your system together, any and all upgrades are your responsibility. You will foot the bill financially, you will have to make sure the upgraded devices are compatible with the rest of your system, and you will have to keep track of when future upgrades are available.

As far as we are concerned, it makes sense to bundle home security and home automation in a single package. It saves money and eliminates nearly all the hassles.

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Uxari is a Florida-based home automation and security specialist offering customers from coast to coast the latest in home automation and security technology. The company's business model is based on DIY security and automation services at a reduced cost. Customers can purchase equipment, install it themselves, and utilize Uxari's 24-hour support in the event they run into difficulty. Uxari stocks only the latest security and automation devices utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

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