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Changing the Roof Tile is Simpler than you may think

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 09 November 2016 19:11

There are many homeowners tips for roof maintenance available all over the internet. However, you may find it difficult to understand. When you have an issue with damaged roof tile, this can be an issue. It is critical that tiles be replaced as soon as you realize that they are damaged. If there are not a lot of tiles that need fixing, then you can quickly fix the issue on your own. However, the more tiles you need to change the more you can benefit from hiring a professional. Here are some tips to help you change your roof tile if it’s a smaller sized job.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the replacement tile you have is the right type. Terracotta and concrete are used most often. You want to make sure that you are using tile made of the same material as the one that you have in place because otherwise the replacement is not going to work. It can also cause further damage to occur. If you are unsure what type of material was used to make the tile, you can take it with you and the roofing supplier can provide you with assistance.

The next thing you need to do is use a ladder and safely climb onto the roof. You should call a professional if you are not good with heights or climb on your roof appears particularly unsafe for any reason. Keep in mind that if you fall off your roof, it can seriously injure you or kill you. Once you have climbed onto the roof, you need to locate the broken tile.

After the tile that is broken has been located, you want to lift the tiles overlapping the broken one slightly so that you can remove the tile that is broken. You can do this by using two small pieces of wood in order to hold up the other pieces of tile. Once they are lifted, you can use a trowel in order to lift the tile you are trying to remove. Once you have done this, simply slide the broken piece of tile down and then pull it out.

After the damaged piece of tile has been removed, you can replace the tile by going through the same process you used to remove the damaged tile backwards. Do not forget to put the tiles that were overlapping the broken piece back into the correct position. You want to make sure that the tile is in place correctly. Make sure that it is not causing issues with any of the pieces of tile that are located around it. You want to make sure that all the tiles are correctly in place before you move away from the project. Finally, look for any other type of damage. You're already on the roof, so you might as well look around and make sure no other repairs need to take place.

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