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Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away

Written by Posted On Thursday, 10 November 2016 07:40


Keeping the house safe and secure would be one of the major things that one would be concerned if they have planned to travel or go on a vacation. With more and more theft happening around the region, it is absolutely important that one takes the necessary care to keep their house secured and safe. Many people are scared to leave their valuables and belongings as they are quite afraid of the consequences. However, one needs to fret much as there are many tips and tools that helps one with leaving their home with peace for a vacation. There are plenty of safety options to look in and it could all be used for one’s advantage. There are both conventional as well as modern safety techniques that could be utilized for one’s goodness.

Here are some major tips that help you understand as to how to keep your house protected and to stay away from getting robbed while one is on a vacation.

Send stop order for mails and newspaper

Before leaving the house, make sure that you send a stop order for any mails or newspaper for the particular period. If the mails or newspapers lie outside without anyone to pick up, it would turn out to be a good tip off to the robbers who understands that nobody is home and it would be the perfect time to break in. You can resume receiving mails and newspapers as soon as you return from the vacation and everything would turn out to be just fine.

Ask neighbors or friends to check

You can seek the help of neighbors or friends who can come and check the place quite frequently. This would be a great thing to do as it would keep off the robbers and ensures that your place and stuff is safe. You can even ask your friend to stay in your place till you return if they wish so. If you have pets at home, you can hire a pet sitter who would also double up as a protection. This come across as a great help and you would be at much ease about the whole process.

Be careful as to what you post in the web

Make sure that you do not tip off the robbers in the web. Posting the pictures of your vacation and also indicating the amount of time you will spend in a vacation can look fun but it would also send across signals to robbers to invade your place while you are away enjoying your vacation. So, be absolutely careful as to what you post in the web. Don’t get carried away and post unwanted information as this would definitely turn out to be a huge issue. 

Curtains open

It would be best to leave the curtains open while you are away. Though you may not like people peeping in and taking a look at the inside of your home, curtains that remains closed for a prolonged period of time would give the feel that no one is inside the house and hence take care of this. This may look simple but it is definitely one of the most important things to pay attention to with regard to the safety of your house.

Turn off devices

Turning off all the electronic devices and appliances is absolutely important if you are going on a vacation for a longer period of time. Remove all the plugs and turn off the phone notifications and other such devices which would ensure to provide an extra layer of safety to your place.

Inform police

You can go a step higher and inform the police in your region that you will be away for the particular period of time. They would ensure to check in the area from time to time which is definitely a safe option.

Invest in a good lock

Apart from all these steps, it is also absolutely necessary that you invest in the right kind of lock that would offer the necessary protection and safety to your belonging. There are different types of locks available in the market these days and you can very well pick up the one that best suits your needs and requirements. You can choose between electronic lock as well as mechanical locks, whichever best meets your demands.

Use safety technology to your advantage


Be smart and make an intelligent home security list to keep the intruders stay away from your home while you are on long vacation.You can keep your house wired and set an alarm. Putting an alarm inside would definitely bring down all the major problems and would help the whole thing go smoothly. If someone tries to break in, it would send out signals and the alarm would start ringing thereby alerting the police. There are plenty of advanced safety options that are coming up online and you can make the best use of this for your advantage. 


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