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What is the ACTUAL Value of Your Trees?

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 November 2016 05:40

It is pretty obvious to everyone and all homeowners that trees have some value to them, but how do you exactly examine and decide what that value is and what are the factors that build up higher tree values? These are some questions that can sometimes be really hard to answer, but what we are going to be doing throughout this entire article is just go over some of the basic factors that lead to tree value for all homeowners, and by doing so you will have a much better understanding as to what makes trees valuable and what you can do to increase the value of your trees.

Of course having very nice and old trees is seen as a commodity for many homeowners that allows for more shade in the yard and to the home and can also just look really pretty, and so let’s continue to talk more about the many benefits and the ways to value your trees.

The first way to decipher the value of your trees is to look at the overall tree benefits that your property has, and this is something that can evaluated through a tree benefit calculator that you can use online and can tell you about the value that your trees are giving to your property. You’ll have to get the measurements of the circumference and have a good amount of information about the tree and it will give you some useful information. This will include the amount of energy you are saving and the amount of carbon dioxide that the tree is absorbing on a yearly basis. Trees are of course always going to be able to help the surrounding environment of your home, and that is exactly why we are going to start going into some really interesting benefits of owning trees right now.

Another really great benefit of having trees that adds value to your home and the trees themselves is when trees absorb storm water. This is of course going to be very beneficial for those who live in wet climates and receive a lot of rain, and it really is crazy to understand just how much water can be guzzled up by a really large tree in your backyard that comes just from rain water. This can also lead to a less likely chance of your property experiencing a flood of some sorts as well, which is really important for areas that are prone to flash flooding.

This is something that we talked about earlier but trees increase property value, and what we are going to do now is just dive into some of the details as to how trees add to your home’s overall value. A lot of what people consider to be important in terms of how trees improve home value is through leaf surface area, and this is something that is regularly conducted. When trees are in the front of the home this can do a lot to increase property value because it brings about more of an appeal to potential home buyers, and this is something that is super useful on a whole variety of levels.

Also there are a many energy benefits that go into having trees in your home and in your back yard, and this can happen through a variety of situations. One of these situations includes the shading of a home, which then can cool down the temperatures inside the home and cause savings on energy bills. Also by slowing down surrounding winds people can lose less heat through their windows.

Also, as everyone is aware, trees improve air quality, and this can lead to a whole bunch of really great effects for the surrounding area of your home. So many people are really close to getting good air quality near their homes because of their trees, and this is something that really does make huge differences in reducing respiratory diseases.

Lastly, carbon dioxide is a big part of having trees near your home, and so we are definitely going to be needing more and more trees near our homes in the future as global warming gets worse and worse. The benefits of planting trees is incredible and everyone who owns a home should be planting as many trees as they possibly can for the purposes of benefiting greatly from all of the above facts and stipulations that we talked about throughout this entire article.

Article written by Tree Trimming Sarasota

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