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Want to Be a Texan? Fun Facts About Living In The Lone Star State

Written by Posted On Monday, 14 November 2016 23:06

The state of Texas is notorious for being big, loud, and proud. Residents adore their home state and aren't afraid to show it. Whether you're a history buff or a sports fanatic, the Lone Star State offers something for everyone. Here are a few fun facts about this diverse land mass:

Texas Taxes

Texas is one of only seven states that do not collect a state income tax. For those concerned about financials, this is definitely a perk. In addition, the cost of living in Texas is one of the lowest in the country. If you become a resident of Texas, then your money will definitely work for you here!

Texas State Parks

If you're an adventurous person, you would love residing in Texas. There are over 120 state parks located throughout the land and most parks are open to the public for little to no cost. Some of the most popular parks include Palo Duro Canyon, Longhorn Caverns State Park, and Garner State Park. Each park offers a unique exploration of the state's diverse landscape. In addition, Texas has approximately 624 miles of gorgeous coast line along the Gulf of Mexico. There is plenty to see and do for the exploring spirit.

Texas Live Music

Austin, Texas is considered the live music capital of the world. This growing metropolis hosts various musical festivals year-round and draws visitors from across the globe. The nice thing about Austin is its central location to the rest of the state. Most residents are within 4-5 hours of this popular town. If you love music, this is definitely a highlight of living here.

Texas Sports

Sports are such a large part of the Texas tradition that the state has two professional baseball teams (Houston Astros and Texas Rangers), two professional football teams (Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans), and three professional basketball teams (San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks)! They also have professional horse racing, ice hockey and soccer. If you're a sports fanatic, you'll definitely enjoy all Texas has to offer in this area.

Texas History

The state of Texas is brimming with history. The state has been under Spanish, French, Mexican, and United States influence throughout its brief history and is home to several famous battle grounds. The most frequently visited historic landmark is the Alamo in San Antonio. Texas is also home to NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center where Apollo 11 launched marking man's first trip to the moon.

Find Your Place Here

If you think that living in Texas is for you, then why not give it a try? Contact Donna Lasater Real Estate & Property Management or any other realtor service to see where you and your family might want to consider making your new home. One piece of advice, though, would be to think about what you’re interested in the most and then pick a few cities to think about that can cater to that.

Overall, this larger-than-life state is one of the finest in the country. You'll love exploring all Texas has to offer!

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