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Find the Hot Housing Market: Top 5 States for Investing in Real Estate

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 15 November 2016 21:57

Wondering where the hot housing markets are right now? If you're planning a future real estate investment, this is no doubt one of the top questions on your mind. When return on investment is your main criteria for choosing which property to buy, your most important decision is the location in which you want to invest. Let's take a look at five of the top US states you should be looking at when you decide where to stake your real estate investment efforts.

1. Florida

Forbes reports that Florida is currently the state in the USA with the most significant amount of inbound migration. A large influx of new residents, in turn, has created an attractive real estate market. Several Florida cities are experiencing particularly impressive growth.

Tampa, in particular, has a real estate market worth investigating. In the recent past, Tampa has been the city that Americans have been moving to most frequently. Nearby Gulf Breeze and Ocala both also offer many attractive options and have plenty of real estate companies such as Foxfire Realty, Inc., to help you get started, and these areas are poised for strong future growth.

2. Texas

Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas are worthwhile destinations to investigate if you're interested in real estate investments. The lucrative job markets in these cities are luring many American families and new graduates to move there.

Houston and the Dallas Fort-Worth areas are also growing.

3. North Carolina

North Carolina used to be the home of many of America's prominent furniture and textile manufacturers. In decades past, North Carolina fell out of favor with furniture makers as increasing numbers of manufacturers moved their operations overseas. Many of the local manufacturing jobs dried up.

If you had previously scratched North Carolina off your list of lucrative real estate markets, it's time to reconsider. These days North Carolina is an up-and-coming hotspot for jobs in the tech sector, with Raleigh and Charlotte being particularly attractive destinations for the techie crowd. Many young adults are choosing to attend college in these cities, and they're sticking around after graduation.

4. Nevada

Nevada is another destination people are currently flocking to. Specifically, Las Vegas, Nevada offers attractive opportunities for real estate investments.

5. Arizona

Californians have been migrating into Arizona for years now, creating one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. While this is a mature trend at this point, there are still some attractive real estate investment opportunities in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area.

These are currently five of the states to explore when you intend to invest in real estate. We hope you'll be able to use this information to discover the best possible real estate investment opportunity for your needs.

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