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Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:49


Your home is your canvas, but when you are living in an apartment, you may not have as much freedom as a larger home would provide to express your decorative creativity. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your small space as you decorate your apartment. 

1. Create Clearly Defined Areas

Open floor plans make apartments feel larger-than-life but they can also make it hard to know what areas are for which purpose. Use the positioning of your furnishings to clearly define the different areas of your apartment. This gives definition to the space and makes it more inviting. You don't necessarily need walls to do this, but make sure the layout of your furniture shows what space is used for what purpose. 

2. Stick with White

White may look boring, but white walls reflect more light than any other color, and this can make your home look larger. Keep the walls white, then use color blocks, artwork and throw pillows to add color to your apartment without reducing the appearance of size.

3. Transform Dead Spaces into Storage

Storage can be a challenge to find in an apartment, so make sure you are making the most use out of the "dead spaces" in your home to create storage. For example, an unused corner can be transformed into a mini library with a corner shelving unit, while the space over and around the door can house vases and knickknacks in carefully designed shelving units. Look around your apartment to find these dead spaces that can be turned into attractive and functional storage. 

4. Minimize Clutter with Closed Cabinets

Shelving can be a great way to house your items in an apartment, but it's far too easy for shelving to look cluttered. Instead, choose cabinets with closing doors to hold the items, so you can close up the clutter when you aren't using something. 

5. Purchase Multi-Functional and Attractive Pieces

Any time you purchase something for a small space, think beyond the looks and make sure it can handle more than one function. Seating that doubles as storage, a couch that can transform into a guest bed or a foldout table that can be tucked away easily are all great choices. Remember, space is at a premium, so choose items that make the best possible use of the limited space you have.

Remember, as you create a space that meets your needs and desires, keep function as well as look in mind. Your apartment will soon transform into a home that reflects your personality well, with functional and attractive decor in every corner of the space.

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