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8 Tips For Creating Awesome Real Estate Yard Signs

Written by Posted On Monday, 21 November 2016 14:04

Real estate yard signs can make or break your listing.  They help to drive attention to both your listing and your agency.  As such, you want to make sure that you put a lot of attention into your real estate signs.  Let’s take a look at some tips to create awesome real estate yard signs that will help you sell your listings fast.

Brand, Brand, Brand

It is important that you keep with your agency’s brand when you create your real estate yard signs.  The agency’s brand helps to carry an image of professionalism and trust.  It also helps to make you look better for being part of a major agency.

Think About Your Audience

Think about the audience you will be selling to.  If you are going to be selling to a large number of young people you might want to consider including things like QR codes on your signs.  If you are dealing with the older generations, you might want to make your signs richer in appearance.  These kinds of considerations can help your sales greatly.

Readable Text

You may be tempted to use fancy fonts or smaller text to fit more on your real estate yard signs, don’t.  You want the text on your sign to be readable and easy to see.  This helps to make sure that your real estate yard signs are caught by more of the potential customers who go by.

Consider Adding Imagery

A cool idea for your real estate yard signs is to consider adding imagery to the sign.  A small graphic can help to break up the text and make your sign stand out.  However, you don’t want to cram a image in if it won’t fit with your design.  Think about what you want to do carefully as it will become part of your brand.



Breaking the ice with a photograph on your real estate yard signs is always a good idea.  Customers prefer to interact with a real estate agent that they already know, or feel like they know.  By having a picture, you help to make people feel like they already know you.  It also portrays trust and helps to humanize you in the eyes of potential buyers.

Double Check Everything

Before you create your real estate yard signs make sure that you double check everything.  You want to make sure that the text is all correct and the colors you are using are the ones that you want.  It doesn’t hurt to talk to the sign company about asking for a proof.  This helps to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Stay Within Regulations

It is important that you read your agency’s regulations for real estate signs.  Different real estate agencies have different regulations for their signs and they will make you get new signs if you don’t meet them.  These regulations are there to help you sell houses better.

Choose Durability


When you go to create your real estate yard signs you may be tempted to pick an option with a lesser material so that you save money.  Don’t do this, it isn’t because real estate sign makers want you to spend more money.  It is so that your real estate yard signs last longer.  The higher the grade of material, the longer they will last

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