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How to Build Trust with Real Estate Prospects

Written by Posted On Monday, 21 November 2016 23:42

If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’re spending a lot of time online, attracting clients. But people are naturally skeptical of everything they read and see online. How, then, can you get users who visit your site to seek out your expertise and even share their personal contact information? By building TRUST.

Are you doing everything you can to build trust online?

Experts agree there are 16 building blocks of trust. Many of these characteristics can be demonstrated on your website and through interactions on social media.

building blocks of trust Housefax

Let’s take a look at four easy things you can do today to convey trust and improve your lead gen efforts. 

Make it personal

It’s a no-brainer that you must have a bio and photo on your website. But what about making it more personal? Add candid shots of you out and about visiting different neighborhoods. Include a calendar of upcoming community events or local sports games. How about updating your website or Facebook page with a section devoted to new building and development projects? 

Update your blog weekly

Your blog is the number one resource for making you look like the expert that you are. Plus fresh content is a great way to keep Google on your good side. Many experts suggest 2-3 new posts a week. And while more is better in this case, we know time is a limited commodity. Start with a goal of one new post a week. (Here are some awesome blog ideas to get your creative juices flowing.) It’s perfectly OK to repurpose and share great content you find, as well. Just make sure you give proper credit. And if you need help writing unique content, there are lots of resources out there. The important thing is to always add value, educate and have fun.

Add (video) testimonials

You knew this was coming, right? There is nothing more powerful when building trust than an authentic testimonial. Prospective buyers and sellers want to know what you can do for them and it’s always better coming from your happy clients. When you receive a testimonial, add a photograph and, if you can, a video also. Don’t forget to celebrate your client’s new home on social media. Our friends at HubSpot have put together a list of favorite testimonial pages you’ll want to steal.

Offer something of value

You’ll want to socialize your real estate business every chance you get. A great way to do this is by providing something of value that visitors will be willing to exchange their personal information for. In the marketing universe, we call this a “lead magnet.” Great real estate examples include a new buyer checklist, a local market update, or a free Housefax Report. Remember to include your business and contact information, because chances are these will be shared and go viral. At Housefax, we know just how powerful lead magnets can be, which is why when you subscribe to Housefax PRO we make it easy for you to brand each Housefax Report with your photograph and contact information.

When developing your lead gen strategies, remember to always apply the 16 building blocks of trust. When done right, it can be the differentiating factor that leads buyers and sellers to trust YOU with their business.

This article originally appeared on the Housefax blog.

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