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Importance of Using Drones in Real Estate Marketing

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 November 2016 12:51

Your real estate will be under your strict observance if you use a drone. You can shoot the real estate even if you are not there to look after the house. You can do that yourself of hire a drone professional to do that work for you. 

There are several reasons why you might not want to shoot the drone pictures yourself. The reasons are-

        It takes relatively longer time to shoot with a drone.

        Certain countries demand that you should have a pilot’s license and a FAA approval to fly a camera drone.

        You can also learn many things from a professional that you might not know.

Benefits of using a camera drones are as follows-

Real estate agents and broker have made use of this simple technology in their business to get the marketing skills right and be professional in their approach.

1.       You can create dramatic shots by using modern drones that are ready to fly. They help in shooting shots very easily by combining GPS-programmed flight routes with camera targeting to the point of interest.

2.       A good camera drone can give awful shots by letting you have a virtual tour of the building, by giving every minute details from entering through the door to visiting every nook and corner of the door.  It is far better than ground based photography.  You can add voices or sound tracks to the visuals captured to make it more perfect and interesting to watch. This will be more like watching stories and gathering all detailed information about the place that you get to see.

3.       You can also highlight special features of the real estate property by shooting them from great heights with the drones. This will give the buyers the chance map the pools, landscapes, walking paths, backyards, etc. You clients can easily locate the nearby schools, colleges, and hospitals, which are an important part of every person’s life.

4.       You can show the shot videos to your prospective clients and take the opportunity of making it look out of the group. Thus will attract the attention of the buyers and they will show more interest to buy the real estate plots or residences.

5.       As the videos give much detailed information so the real estate agents are likely to face much less competition in the market. Also, there are high chances that they will witness good sells from the business.

6.       A drone videography is much more affordable than shooting aerial photos from a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter.


The drones are used for shooting aerial videos and photos and ring to life the images of the houses. You can buy a drone for your real estate business by choosing the drones for sale in the local market or on the internet that can help you to appeal to your clients and grow interest in them about what they are buying.




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