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Should You be Using Home Walkthrough Video to Market Real Estate?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 23 November 2016 20:05

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more than that – especially in an industry when the visual does 90% of the selling for you. How many buyers do you think you could be losing who don’t manage to make it to the open house or who miss out on the walk-through because of scheduling issues?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide a viewable at any time home walk-through video that lets you focus on the home’s many benefits, gloss over any undesirables, and encourage interest while explaining the value and desirability of the home? Selling the home is the goal, and any additional tools you can add to your toolbox should be eagerly grasped and leveraged to the best of your ability.

After all, real estate deals depend heavily on the visual motivators, especially when it comes to the potential buyer visualizing themselves living in the home. Often an in-person rush through can end up feeling awkward or rushed, with both buyer and agent feeling required to avoid the long silences which in fact could be the most important part of the deal – the buyer putting themselves into a version of the future that portrays them living in the house in question.

Almost better in some ways than an in-person walk-through, a video home walk-through both gives the prospective buyer the ability to virtually experience a walk-through with the option to rewind, relive, and take those all-important moments to consider and fantasize about living in the home.

Video has a distinct edge over still images, offering the fluid experience of being inside the house and moving through it. Real estate video marketing can convey information effortlessly by way of visuals, with added commentary laid over the video in an audio format and more basic info provided in the text description of the video.

There are plenty of ways to disseminate the videos online, whether on an agent’s site or on a private YouTube channel that will allow viewers the ability to get a feel for accurate room size and home features without having to be physically present. This can be extremely advantageous when dealing with out of state or foreign buyers.

The digital world of marketing means that people look online for information where before they would have gotten their car. Having a video walk-through lets you pre-sell the house’s attributes before a buyer even sees it in person, and gives you a leg up other agencies that are still using a few photos slapped together with a bare bone description on a major website crammed with listings.

By becoming somewhat of an expert with a simple video device (a tablet computer works excellently) you can give your listings that extra boost they need to reach and convince a wider audience. You can convey all of the necessary information in a fast, easy to digest format that gives the actual feel of the home in a way that text alone can never do.

A three to four minute video could sell a listing faster than days of appointments for in persona walk-throughs or hours spent taking photos, labeling them, and uploading them one by one. Try a video home walkthrough on your hardest to sell property today and you might be surprised!


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