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How to Get Loan Approval from Hard Money Lenders

Written by Posted On Monday, 28 November 2016 15:06

Since hard money lenders do not work under traditional dynamics, it can be a little difficult to get loan approval for purchases and business investments. Hard money loans are given under private investors as opposed to banks. This option is considered appropriate if a person does not have enough credit score to take a loan from the bank itself. These are often known as ‘bridge loans’ between the financial construction and long-term loans.

It is, however, to be wary of hard money loan suppliers as they are not regulated by any federal reserve or the Office of Thrift Supervision. The process is therefore very different from a traditional loan from a bank.

Mentioned in this post are few points to be kept in mind in order to get approval from a reliable hard money lender.

1.    Find a Reliable Hard Money Lender

You might be tempted to run to the first hard money lender you can find upon being rejected a loan from the bank. Hold your horses and try to curb the temptation. Do the infinite amount of research first to attain surety and reliability of the person you would want to deal with. Some hard money lenders are genuinely interested in providing funds for your investment while others are nothing more than loan sharks. Also always consider the pros and cons of accepting a hard money loan as they are designed to be short-term investments; usually lasting 12 months

2.    Apply for Hard Money Loan

Under hard money loans, the finance is based upon the collateral value of the property and not your personal credit score. You must have additional documents present such as the architectural plans for your property and detailed budget for further construction in order to get a preapproval letter. You must always have a clear financial plan.

3.    Protect Yourself Legally

Always remember to review the terms and conditions for the loan before signing any paperwork with the hard money lender. Since the investors belong to private organizations, they are subjected to very few regulations. It is important to ensure security for your legal interests.

4.    In Constant Contact With the Lender

If you want to create a serious impression on the lender then make sure to remain in constant contact with them. Returning to calls in a prompt manner and providing all the required information at the given time will ensure your true interest in receiving the loan. Hard money lenders keep less capital on their hands as compared to banks. Therefore, delaying in getting back to a hard money lender might lose you a chance of getting the loan.

5.    Security of Property

Hard money lenders might want you to assure them security of their property for any damages made. It’ll be easier if you apply for property insurance with the same company you have insured your car with.

These tips will help you to get the loan approval easily by hard money lenders.

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