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The Selling Point of Your Home

Written by Posted On Sunday, 04 December 2016 11:48
Great Bathrooms Great Bathrooms

Most people consider the outer appeal or kitchen of a house to be the selling point. Some even believe it is the main bedroom. You may be right, yet, I have found that many people make their decision on the appeal of the bathroom.

Yes, you read it right. The bathroom has a major impact on buyers.

When you decide to sell your home, there are some factors to consider. Some enhancements to make if you want the best possible selling price.

Firstly, you need a neat and tidy yard. The grass must be kept short, the flower beds free from weeds and try to add some colorful flowers if there isn’t any.

All walkways must be free from grass and weeds. Give them a fresh coat of paint to liven them a bit. Ensure all outside lights work. If you have a fence around your yard it must not have holes. The front gate must not squeak or be broken either.

The outside of the house must look neat as well. Make sure the paint is not peeling off, the windows are clean and all doors in working order. If you have cracked or chipped windows it is best to replace them.

The inside of your home must be naturally light. Keep curtains or blinds open to allow the sun to warm and light-up your home. If remodeling or making improvements before selling, you may want to consider your lighting as well.

The living areas, kitchen and rooms must be neat and tidy. Wash carpets, floors and walls before showing your home to potential buyers. All windows and window sills must also be cleaned, along with any corners and closets than may have been used for storage.

It is good to remove all personal items and pictures from walls and cupboards before showing your home. With many items in a room it may look cluttered and could potentially turn a buyer away.

Bigger windows and skylights can also make your home more appealing, especially, in the bathroom. Remove any mold or guccy build-up around the bath, basin or in the shower. A big tub or shower and basin can be very alluring to potential buyers.

You can alter the appearance of a room by adding mirrors to the walls. Mirrors assist in reflecting light and makes a room appear bigger. Adding bigger windows and mirrors to your bathroom could potentially rise your homes selling price by 20%.

For suggestions on window types visit Sky Windows or consult with your local window specialist. Add florescent lighting to remove the glare caused by normal lights on mirrors.

Add a glass shower to your bathroom or change the one you have. Glass showers has low maintenance costs and offers a stunning appeal to a bathroom. If your space is limited, you could use your bath as a shower as well. With glass panels it is a breeze to do. The list of reasons to use glass for your shower just goes on and on.


To make changes to your bathroom, for remodeling or to just perk it up a bit, consult a professional.

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