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How to Eliminate Seasonal Pests for First Time Homebuyers

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 06 December 2016 12:13
How to Eliminate Seasonal Pests for First Time Homebuyers 123RF


Purchasing a home is usually one of the most exciting moments in a person's life. It's a precious investment and the primal instinct one has is to protect it. Protection, however, isn't confined to human intruders only. Your house faces danger of a different kind, a pest intrusion. Knowledge on how and when these pests operate aids in the fight against them. Like every other living creature, pests seek food, water and entry points to shelter. Since most of them are very small in size, they don't need much space as an entry point. Cracks, pipes or any other opening provide entry points these pests seek. It is thus of importance to have a year-round pest proofing system.

Perform Basic Pest Checks Before Settling in Your New Home
Prior to moving into your new house, it's important to perform some basic pest control actions. First, eliminate all yard and garden debris, clear leaves around the house foundation, clean household gutters and ensure the garage and any other out buildings are free from clutter. These places serve as pest hideouts so clearing them denies these pests a home.Secondly seal cracks and openings in the foundation and siding joints, seals openings around water and gas pipes and seals entry openings for cables and phone lines. Keeping door sweeps and thresholds tight is important. It reduces possible habitats for these pests. Thirdly ensure wood landscape mulch is kept away from the foundation and any overhanging tree limbs or shrubs that touch the house are trimmed. Finally,  eliminate any stagnant water around the house and cover any open vents with wire mesh. In so doing these things, possible entry points for these pests are limited thus protecting your investment.

Check Out Pest Activity Cycles
Pest activity, however, occurs in cycles. Peak activity is usually within the warmer seasons of spring through summer. Dealing with these pests early enough prevents one from having to deal with them in large numbers at their peak.
Starting from early spring through fall, rodent activity is witnessed most. Moles and gophers destroy any lawn they set on and proper and prompt handling is key to eliminating them. Using remedies from The AMDRO line of mole and gopher control products is an effective way to stop them.
During spring through to early fall, fire ants emerge. Use the AMDRO method that combines 2 steps, a bait and eliminate method to get rid of the fire ants.
Moving on from spring through to summer, ants and common outdoor pests appear. Use pest killer products that block the perimeter of your home from ants. For the other outdoor pest such as termites, use AMDRO Landscape Insect Killer RTS.
As fall approaches, clear leaves from foundation and gutters, seal cracks and holes and trim overhanging tree limbs. Winter firewood should be stacked at least 20 feet from the house.
If all these measures fall into preventing seasonal and other hazardious pests hire a pest and termite treatment NJ specialist to do the job for you


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