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Do I Need To Take Out An Insurance Policy To Cover The Damage Done By Removalists?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 December 2016 07:31

Do I Need To Take Out An Insurance Policy To Cover The Damage Done By Removalists? Moving houses or offices is a very stressful and tedious job, isn’t it? Moreover, the amount of stress doubles when you think about the loss and damage done to your furniture and other valuables during the moving process. No matter how much of an experienced removalist you have hired to shift your belongings from the old location to the new one, there is a likelihood of damage, if not loss, during transit.

Even if the removalist is cautious while loading and unloading the furniture and other goods, there are chances of your furniture being scratched, and other delicate valuables being broken during transit.

This possibility might have you thinking if there is a way to avoid this stress.

The good news is ‘yes’!


Get transit insurance!

What is Transit Insurance?

The type of insurance that covers the loss or damage of your personal valuables and/or business supplies while they are being packed, loaded, transported, stored, unloaded, and unpacked during the process of transfer is called ‘Transit insurance’.

This includes the loss and damage caused due to accident, mishandling, theft, fire, explosion, or other such incidents.

Why is it Important to Have Transit Insurance?

While all of us are aware of the benefits of property and car insurance, only a few are aware that removal insurance is equally important as well.

Many things can go wrong during the process of packing and transporting your furniture and other valuables from one location to another. Your furniture and other belongings could get lost and/or damaged due to poor packaging, mishandling, accidents or crashes.

If you think your home insurance will cover this loss as well, you are mistaken. You should know that a majority of home insurance companies do not cover loss or damage during the move. Even if a company does cover this cost, it is only limited. Here is when removal insurance comes to your rescue. It covers everything involved in the process of transit and gives you the peace of mind by not worrying about such cases.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Professional Removalist?

Moving your house or office is a hectic and chaotic process. Thus, having transit insurance will give you a peace of mind. Packing all the stuff yourself and then, taking the risk to load and transfer it to the new location could cost you more than you are trying to save by not hiring a professional removalist.

According to a study, most insurance companies cover 81% of the total damages done to your belongings during the removal process only if they are being packed and transported by a professional. Therefore, a DIY move that you might have opted for because you want to save some money could turn out to cost you even more.

What Should You Do?

As soon as you decide to move, the first step should be to contact your home insurance company and inquire if they have a transit insurance clause. If they do not cover it or only offer partial coverage, contact a reputable removalist, discuss all the details, and hand over the complete process to the professionals. If not, look for an insurance company that covers your goods and valuables during the entire moving process.


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